Sneak Freak: Adidas ZX 500

I fucking love sneakers.  As my girlfriend noted the other day, “You don’t get excited for anything like you get excited about sneakers.” And it’s true. The power that envelops me once I behold a shiny new pair is almost spiritual. A force of nature, of fulfillment, and of higher meaning. Plus, they come in so many colors.

The one problem I always run into is with size. I don’t like to buy “women’s” sneakers because, as a rule, they are only available in pink, purple, white and silver. If this weren’t pigeonholing enough, they usually have some frills or reflectors added to the edge of the sneaker, or a 3 inch rubber heel, just to reinforce the gender of the sneaker-owner. Because it is an awful feeling to not be able to tell the gender of a person by their sneaker frills. Am I right? Simply awful.

Anyway, to avoid these pink nightmares, I wear men’s sneakers.  But since I wear a women’s size 8.5/men’s size 7, I am often unable to find shoes I dig in the size I need. Enter Adidas: the Brave Sneaker Knight, riding into my warm embrace.  I love Adidas because their classic sneakers are A)retro cool, B) largely available on the net in sizes as low as 6, and C) often have their men’s shoes available in kids sizes, same colors and all.

The Adidas ZX 503

My favorite Adidas line of late is the ZX 500 series. They come in a range of subdued colors, all with a hint of splash, and offer the perfect pairing for a casual shirt + jeans outfit.  Sizes start at 6, but not to worry: the kids ZX shoes have similar colors in sizes 3.5-6. I’ve got two pair of these bad boys myself, and have been impressed by how well they’ve worked as an all-purpose sneaker. I wouldn’t go running in these, but they’ll do right by your for walking, lifting, and dappering around town.  ‘Til next edition, Sneak Freak out!

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  • Sweet! I love sneakers too, but it’s all about the Nike’s! 😉 I generally had good luck finding cool black women’s Nike’s to wear to the gym and I was also able to find in my size (7) Jordan’s and Kobe’s during my basketball days.

    Now it’s all about Keds! I just bought a pair of awesome high top Keds for women, but they’re totally androgynous!

  • I also HIGHLY recommend DC Shoes. I’ve always been able to find some in size 7. victory!

  • As a girl with small feet, i need a size 5(in us size) in mens shoes, so having a size 7 seems like a dream. Are sizes different in the us, do the mens sizes start at above 7? I live in Sweden, almost all mens shoes are available in size 7(that would be size 40 in European sizes), you should all try ordering shoes online from european sites. If you do have small feet like me, it’s extremely hard to find shoes at all. Lately I’ve been finding shoes at Amazon and Ebay, I LOVE the cruiser skater shoes from Emerica and I’ve also ordered a couple of shoes from Circa on Amazon which I’m excited about.

  • I love men’s shoes. I also love men’s sneakers. I have better luck finding my size in sneakers than I do finding my size in shoes. I have had luck with Adidas, Puma, Converse (Jack Purcell), and Pro-Keds. I have nine pairs of sneakers. My gal pal doesn’t get it. I have great luck on Zappos finding my size—women’s 7 or 7.5.
    I regret not having bought a cream colored corduroy pair of Jack’s (Purcell, that is) a couple of years back.

  • Asic’s Onitsuka Tigers are where it’s at! They come in literally every color combination, from the girly to the manly to the solidly in-between.

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