He Said/We Said: Marc by Marc

dapperQ is proud to present the fifth installment of He Said/We Said, based on the Spring 2011 line from Marc by Marc Jacobs (inspiration photo below.) HS/WS is the brainchild of its series editor: Anita Dolce Vita. Photos for dapperQ by Maro Hagopian.

Skater Boi/Gentleman

Name: Ryann Makenzi Holmes
Age: 26
Occupation: Co-Founder and Co-Director of bklyn boihood
Outfit: Shirt by Comune. Jeans from Uniqlo, SoHo. Tie from H&M. Hat by Brixton. Glasses from SEE Eyewear. Shoes by Vans. In summary, the outfit is a “collision of style and sensibility. It’s eclectic, but grounded.”
Song That Best Describes Ryann’s Look: “Mojo So Dope” by Kid Cudi

Twist of Lemon and Honey

Name: Genesis Tramaine
Age: 27/Gemini
Occupation: Co-Founder and Artistic Director of bklyn boihood; High school math teacher; Striving abstract portraiture artist
Outfit: Collared shirt from Men’s Warehouse. School Boi Tie from Housing Works. Chinos from Uniqlo, SoHo. In summary, “confident artist with a twist of honey and lemon, I like to look like a handsome woman.”
Song That Best Describes Genesis’ Look: “I usually listen to Prince or Beyoncé when getting dressed.”

Bonus Photos of the Brooklyn Bois

Hillbilly Couture

Name: Gina Mamone
Occupation: Gina Mamone is a tender-hearted gender Queer from West Virginia, and is the founding President and CEO of Riot Grrrl Ink (RGI), the largest queer record label in the world. The Riot Grrrl Ink. label helps make the art of Indigo Girls, Amy Ray, Bitch, Athens Boys Choir, Alix Olson, The Guerilla Girls, Circus Amok, Pamela Means, Nervous But Excited, My Gay Banjo, and Staceyann Chin, to name a few. Gina has led the greening of the music industry by producing the very first album in history with no ecological footprint, Anchors by Nervous But Excited. Riot Grrrl Ink. & Gina just produced the first Queer Country Music Festival in history in NYC, the Gay Ole Opry, which opened to a sold out crowd and rave reviews from coast to coast.
Outfit: Gingham Shirt from H&M. Jacket from Bergdorf Goodman. Bow Tie from the Tie Bar. Jeans by Lucky. Glasses by Ray-Ban. Square Toe Harness Shoes by Frye Boots. Vintage Grand Ole Opry Anniversary Buckle from ETSY.

Subtle Edge

Name: Jama Shelton
Age: 36
Occupation: Professor; Social Worker
Outfit: Shirt from J.Crew. Bow Tie from the Tie Bar. Pants from H&M. Belt from Urban Outfitters. Shoes from Cole Hahn.
Song That Best Describes Jamma’s Look: “I Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash.

Marc by Marc, Spring 2011, Photo by Monica Feudi
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