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MEN frontwoman, JD Samson, once described her style as “practical, 12-year-old boy with necessary ‘artist’ identifier.” She epitomizes the type of Brooklyn cool-kid street style that is currently being mass marketed by retailers like Urban Outfitters, yet still remains so elusive to the “Average Jo.”

If you like…

While Samson’s cool-kid street style is comfortable and relatively affordable, it requires a great deal of risk taking and a good eye for patterns and color mixing. There are no “rules” for achieving this style; you have to “feel” it.  Be open to a variety of inspiration from your environment and incorporate new ideas into your look. Style guru Amanda Brooks states, “Urban living inspires creative dressing by squeezing masses of people with totally different lives into the same streets…Just when you begin to worry that convention and consumerism is all that’s left, street kids think up something new.”

Here’s where to find cool-kid pieces:

Samson’s Favorite Designers and Shops (as stated in Time Out New York): Opening Ceremony (for artistic pieces); Loden Dager; Patrik Ervell; Odin (for small size menswear); Acne (Samson’s pants mecca)
Designer Urban Style: Sir New York Funky T-Shirts and Tanks: Zumiez; ASOS
Vintage T-Shirts: The Clothing Warehouse
Jeans and Jean Jackets: Levi’s
Fresh Kicks: Aldo; Journeys
Wild Accessories (hats, ties, sunglasses): Thrift stores; H&M

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  • JD just gets hotter. An original inspiration for my awakening my inclinations for DapperQs. Thank you for sharing!

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