Dress Down a Suit: Advice from P&B

So, you’re being forced to buy a suit for work, an interview, or a wedding. But, you despise suits. You think they’re too stuffy, too conservative, too uncomfortable. And worse, you can’t find a cheap suit that looks decent on you and every website you visit advises that a suit is an investment on which you should absolutely not skimp. It makes you nauseous just thinking about the time and money you will spend on finding a good suit because you know the fate of that bad boy – it will, like so many other suits across this great land, end up sitting lonely in the closet, only to be taken out when you receive an invitation to some other nonsensical formal event that requires you to put it on again.

Either all that or you love suits and you think our suit-phobic readers are overreacting. However you feel about them, suits can be worn several different ways to get the most out of your investment. (As I mentioned in a previous post, the folks over at The Style Blogger put together seven great looks using one three-piece suit.) Here’s how to dress down a suit for less formal events:

1. Ditch the Dress Shirt, Add a Polo or a T-Shirt

2. Swap Dress Shoes with Casual Shoes

3. Add Some Texture

4. Add Some Casual Accessories (e.g. leather bracelets)

5. Pair the Jacket with Jeans

*Images via Park & Bond

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  • Ok… unless you are Bill Gates or some other tycoon, you’re not (or shouldn’t) be wearing New Balance with a suit. Really? And leather bracelets or polo shirts? Nope. Don’t do it. The best suggestion here is the last one… jeans. Still, though, wear some decent dress shoes.

    All opinion, of course.

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