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Ellen DeGeneres is the quintessential mainstream dapperQ. Always in the spotlight, she makes dressing dapper look effortless and her laid-back SoCal classic cool style is one of the most coveted by our readers.

If you like…

Ellen’s look is timeless, classic, clean, and simple. Yet, it is one of the most tricky styles to master because classic style requires investing in quality, tailored essentials and adding signature touches to avoid looking drab. Ellen is known for wearing expensive, custom-tailored suits from designers such as Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci. If you do not have Ellen’s cash  flow, you can still achieve her look; the key is to make smart investments. (See Dapper on a Dime for advice). Know where you should splurge (at least one good suit, a [faux] leather jacket, a pair of great boots and, perhaps, a good watch) and where you can save (on trendy t-shirts, colorful scarves, playful sneakers, funky sunglasses).

And, don’t forget the part about adding signature touches. For example, style guru Amanda Brooks states, “The key to wearing a white button-down is how you wear it. You have to give it your own attitude to make it intriguing.” Understanding how to wear your clothes is extremely important in developing an efficient, flexible wardrobe. (Did you know that a three piece suit can be worn seven different ways by simply adding personal touches and knowing how to mix and match?)

Here’s where to look for classic pieces:

Ellen’s Favorite Designers and Shops (according to her Foursquare account): Fred Segal; Free City; A.P.C. (especially for jeans)
Designer Suits: Dolce and Gabanna; Gucci
Budget Suits: J-Crew (Ludlow suit starting at $540)
Timeless Essentials (sweaters, trousers, oxford shirts, blazers): Ralph Lauren (boys section for smaller sizes); Tommy Hilfiger (boys section for smaller sizes); Brooks Brothers
Budget Essentials: Uniqlo; H&M; Topman; American Eagle
Jeans: Levi’s; Abercombie
Dress Shoes (loafers, oxfords): Cole Haan; Steve Madden; Aldo
Sneakers: Converse, of course (Ellen’s signature); Keds
Boots: Frey
Accessories (ties, scarves, sunglasses): Thrift stores; H&M; street vendors

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  • Ellen, even though I don’t know her personally, seems to be one of the most genuine people in the world. When I am feeling down she can brighten my day so quickly! Her style is so unique! I wish I could go on a shopping trip with her as my own personal stylist. Thanks Ellen for all you do for everyone!

  • There's only one thing in life that'll make me blissfully happy…..raiding Ellen's wardrobe. Apart from loving her immeasurably, I literally try copy every outfit she wears on her show. Ellen, YOU ARE MY STYLE ICON!!!! ADORE YOU!!

  • I am a 63year woman .i can't wear the kind of clothes as i did. I miss shoes slot and i love the shoes Ellen De Generes wears .I just love fashio. i recored her to see what she is wearing, Don't get me wrong i fine her to be one ofy favoriayrs on tv. I love to laugh. I don't do that more becaise I have teeth missing so, i don't do alot of what I would if or when i can feel better about myself . Ellen Thank you, making my days brighter.Im. California woman living on Houston so out of my frirnds and family. Thanks Patricia Hurst not the Rich obe.

  • I have a dear friend who just loves saddle shoes. She especially likes the ones Ellen wore in her shows promo. Please let me know what brand they were. I’d be happy to treat her for Christmas. Thank you.

  • This is so helpful. Thank you! I love her casual suits. What is the conversion from women’s sizes to boy’s sizes when shopping for suit pants, shirt, and jackets?

  • I love Ellen! I kinda dress like her, because I am a tomboy, but I do have a lot of special needs so , I’m always looking for unisex clothing

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