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Feature Image by Levi Stolove

The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend unofficially marks the opening of wedding season, which lasts until September or October (debatable), with June being the “peak” month.  Some of our readers and dapperQ staff, especially our contributor Titus Androgynous, feel like this inside about wedding season…

BUT, the majority of our readers feel like this inside about wedding season…

Our readers who fall in the latter category generally e-mail us in full-on freak out mode because they either (a) don’t know what to wear to their own wedding or (b) have been invited to attend a wedding and are clueless about what constitutes appropriate guest attire. And, no matter how much advice we give, pulling off a solid wedding look feels like mission impossible unless we provide REAL WORLD examples. So, that’s what I’m here to do folks, because you still have at least another three whole months of wedding season remaining and, let’s face it, it’ll be back like clockwork in 2013. I kept it close to home this time around – I didn’t go to Details magazine or Equally Wed and pick out images of randos (albeit attractive randos) to try and sell you on the idea that finding an outfit is doable. Nope. I saw some solid examples of amazing dapperQ wedding style start springing up right in my personal Facebook news feed; people direct from my own friends list (real people with real Facebook accounts, ahem, ahem Chick-fil-Hate) who nailed it and incorporated their own personal pizazz.

Newlyweds Megan Dougherty (left) and Jack Elliot (right, dapperQ He Said/We Said model). Photo credit: Levi Stolove

Guests at Megan and Jack’s wedding (left to right: Tan Nguyen, Ellie Conant, and Laura Eiko). Photo credit: Tan Nguyen

Poet and Autostraddle writer Gabrielle Rivera working fierce wedding realness

Gabrielle (right)

NYC photographer Sabrina Haley shows guests how to drop the drab and add some pastels!

Get their looks

Ellie Conant: Blazer from Uniqlo; button-down from Brooklyn Industries; slacks and tie from Topman.

Jack Elliot: Suit from J-Crew (Ludlow cut).

Sabrina Haley: “I got my shirt and fancy bow tie at one of the mens suit stores on Nostrand and Fulton in Brooklyn for less then $50. If you get teenage boys size or smallest of 17, you can usually fit a queer.”

Tan Nguyen: “I’m wearing J. Crew, tailored to fit [suit]. The shirt is Uniqlo. Bow tie is vintage 1950’s from Etsy.”

Gabrielle Rivera: “This was Dapper on a BUDGET… Accessories up the price tag, but does it count if they were bought way before the wedding? The Xios pink shirt (24.99) and Xios white vest ($19.99) were purchased at Xios on Fordham Road in the BX [Bronx] . The black jeans were $30 bucks at Hot Topic, also bought like last year during a jeans crisis where the only place to buy clothes was a mall. Purple button-down from Marquis (hood rat fancy clothes) was purchased at Fino Menswear ala their Prom Special for (34.99), which included the vest and Bow tie! Lmao. The black pants were an old but well kept pair of black work pants I bought from NY&Co. like 3 years ago for $20 bucks. White watch bought on the block from the man selling everything for $10 bucks. Boots from DSW bought, again, a mad long time ago for less than $50. Black and white Dunks also bought a year ago from Footaction on White Plains Rd. $70. “

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  • “If you get teenage boys size or smallest of 17, you can usually fit a queer.”
    …assuming you’re a small teenage-boy-sized queer, not a large man-sized queer. I mean, we don’t ALL look alike. Not all of the time.

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