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Kate Ross is not only the mastermind and designer behind the bow tie brand Distinguished Cravat, she is also notorious for her exquisite dandy, gender-bending style. When asked to describe her style in an interview with MISS, Kate responded:

I am just me and I do what feels comfortable for me. If I had to call it something it would be “vintaristic” (vintage + futuristic).

If you like…

Diane von Furstenberg describes style as an “effortless confidence in being yourself.” Kate Ross’ dandy style exudes self-confidence and is an example of how style is both an art form and a personal journey. Kate describes herself as a “Southern Belle,” and although that description may conjure up stereotypical images in our heads about what a “Southern Belle” looks like, she has created her own Southern style that redefines what it means, challenges norms, and embodies a world of possibilities.

Kate talks to StyleLikeU about her style and inspiration
One cannot simply go to the store and “buy” Kate’s style, as it is a labor of love, inspired by her own personal journey, inspiration she draws from the natural environment, and her Southern roots. However, she can be an outside force that inspires you!

I’d recommend reading our How to Find and Refine Your Personal Style and following some websites and Tumblrs that focus on dandy and preppy style, such as Dapper and Dandy, Brooklyn Circus, or Street Etiquette. I can certainly give you advice on where you might find some classic essentials. However, as Amanda Brooks says, “…finding your personal style is really about discovering yourself.” It’s the personal touches that Kate adds to her look that makes it so unique; these touches have meaning.

In the meantime, you can start with the basics…

Designer Suits: Ralph Lauren; Tommy Hilfiger
Budget Suits: E-bay; thrift stores
Timeless Essentials (sweaters, trousers, oxford shirts, blazers): Marimacho; Ralph Lauren (boys section for smaller sizes); Tommy Hilfiger (boys section for smaller sizes); Brooks Brothers
Budget Essentials: Uniqlo; H&M; Topman; American Eagle
Jeans: Levi’s
Dress Shoes (loafers, oxfords): Cole Haan; Steve Madden; Aldo
Accessories (ties, scarves, sunglasses): Distinguished Cravat; thrift stores; H&M; street vendors; E-bay

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