Motorcycle Jackets (VIDEO)

Motorcycle jackets are iconic. Which is great if you are an icon. If you’re not, wearing one can easily veer in to cliché. As Jahn Hall of Bklyn Dry Goods makes clear in the fourth of our five-part video series: fashion delight arises when you mix surprising elements.

In addition to pairing a great vintage jacket with khaki pants, Jahn describes one element of mixing stripes with stripes. In a nutshell? You can mix stripes of the same scale, but only if they are the exact same color.

Featured modeling for dapperQ is M. Dru Levasseur, Transgender Rights Attorney for Lambda Legal. If you want to see Dru do his legal thang, check him out in this recent article by Alex Berg on the challenges new voter laws are causing transgender voters.

Also, take a look at what LA-based blogger Lezquire has to say about her favorite motorcycle designers here.

Links for the Series: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

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