How-To Mix Instead of Matching (VIDEO)

Last week, in the first of a five-part series, Jahn Hall of Brooklyn Dry Goods described a few of the principles that you can use to successfully match patterns. In this installment, he talks about mixing colors rather than matching them. He also takes dapperQ’s 2012 Miss Lez representative Leah Robinson further in to the land of bowties. (dapperQ fans may recall that Leah also served as Grasshopper to dapperQ of the Year’s in Ariel Speedwagon’s “How to Tie a Bowtie Video.”)

This robust mixy, matchy thing — done with heritage American menswear — is a look around which Jahn and his biz partner Kurt Uhlendorf are building their business (this photo is from Brooklyn Dry Good’s current look book.) It’s also, as they are now saying in Paris: tre’ Brooklyn.

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