Time Features Female Male Model

The internet is buzzing about “Male Models: The Female of the Species,” a Time.com article featuring Casey Legler.

Legler, who identifies as a female, is signed to work EXCLUSIVELY as a male model with Ford Models. While androgyny and gender-bending are not new to the fashion world, it is rare that a female model is placed exclusively on an agency’s male model roster.

via thegloss.com

casey1via Tetu

Here’s her video interview with Time.


  • Liza says:

    I think she’s adorable. But why do they call her a “male” model? She models men’s clothing. But she’s not male or “male.” She’s a woman modeling clothing made for men for a male consumer. Great. I applaud. But I don’t applaud the laziness of calling her “male”

  • yuki says:

    when on earth would they start making men’s clothing for women?

    it’s high time fashion went androgynous all the way

    i’m so tired of having to stick with clothes for teen boys

  • Zashi says:

    @yuki I would be so down with that, and even better if they didn’t have to call it “men’s” or “women’s” maybe FAAB & MAAB or just different cuts, but that seems like far too radical a thing so I’d be down with them just making the same stuff in “women’s” haha. I’m 5’1″ and absolutely nothing for men fits me. It makes me wonder what short cis men do actually…

  • ALVARADO says:

    Everyone has that inspirational moment when you actually decide to DO something…this was mind. Casey Legler photographs presented me a new way to express myself…and the industry seems to be ready to accept my own LIFE and STYLE combined. So now you are seeing my LIFESTYLE through many eyes of Photographers and I hope you follow and continue to follow my journey as I hope to help many people in the world understand the uniqueness of every individual.

  • This is my dream come true thank you and look at my profile on facebook Jay.

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