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To those of you who have linked over here from Miriam Zoila Perez‘s terrific post on Feministing, welcome to dapperQ!  We’re longtime fans of Feministing and Miriam (a lifelong dapperQ maverick), and are excited for you all to be here!

So…What is a dapperQ?

We are an open community of women, genderqueers, and trans men focused on queering men’s fashion, and making it uniquely our own.  Tired of being harrassed in men’s dressing rooms, frustrated with the lack of clothing options, and bolstered by a strong desire to take control of our own fashion lives, dapperQ’s aim to transgress men’s fashion, and make it into something that works for our community.  dapperQ.com welcomes all, and excludes none- if you feel like you belong, please join us!

OK, I dig it! What now?

We’ve only been live for about a month, but we’ve been putting out content like it’s 2012.  Take a jaunt around the site and read some of our blog posts, and watch some of our hot new vids featuring Margaret Cho, Girlyman, and Brandi Carlile’s ogle-worthy drummer Alli Miller.  To kick your involvement up a notch, start adding to our interactive Google map, where dapperQ’s across the country are plotting their favorite (safe) spots to buy, and be, dapper.  Still want more?  We’ve got a lot of volunteer opportunities, and would love to have you join the movement.

But what about…

Want something covered that you don’t see on the site? Let us know in the comments section below, or hit us up here– we promise to listen!

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  • Promising site, I look forward to seeing new developments. Inclusion of information on fashion for women with curves would be wonderful, breasts are an endless series of obstacles when finding and tailoring DQ clothing that fits.

  • Thanks for the shout out on your site. Any chance you could give me any sense of what kinds of articles you might most like for gals with curves? Is it brands that are best, how to tell your tailor to tailor your shirt or how to do it yourself (working on which of these angles would be best.) Any advice?

  • I never thought about the dressing-room situation, but..yeah. What do dapperQs do? Do we cart our clothes to the women’s dressing-room on the other side of the store? (picturing Macy’s, for example) Do the salespeople even allow that?

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