Get Your PHRESH CUTZ for $10, Flaunt It at Hair Force One!

PHRESH CUTZ, a monthly Brooklyn queer pop-up barber shop housed inside the Hair Force One dance party, is back for their first event of 2013 this Saturday, January 19th. And, whether you’re shaping up that queer-cut, getting your first alternative lifestyle asymmetrical, cruising for hot dapperQs, or stalking your ex dapperQ, there’s something for you. And, on the cheap too: $10 for a cut, $5 without + snacks (vegan and non-vegan) + drank specials! Here are the deets straight from PHRESH CUTZ (click here to RSVP):

Us: Hair Force One is the little queer haircutting collective that could. Based in BedStuy, BK, we are an ever-expanding group of friends working hard to give you the best times and the hottest looks. What originally started as a small party of five is now growing into a collective of amateur barbers, DJs, photographers, bartenders, and other supporting staff. We’re touched and excited to watch this little big thing grow, and we’re expanding our staff and grinding daily for you, baby.

Hair Force OneHair Force One. Photo via Ronika McClain.

You: Folks of all ages, genders, sexualities, etc are welcome. We will be checking IDs at the door for those who plan on drankin’. This is a SAFE SPACE, which means we expect you to respect the shit out of each other, because that’s how we feel about you.

Katrina ‘KC Danger’ Casiño
Scout ‘Dances With Scissors’ Riera
Jess ‘Buzz Lightshears’ Markowitz
Em ‘Tears for Shears’ Klein-Stropnicky
Zulai ‘Ace of Fades’ Romero

+4 guest barbers, to soon be announced!

Bar: Kirsten Weisbeck

Door: Corrina Stoddart

Javier Nunez
Julieta Salgado and Katrina Casiño as PUSSYGLITTER*
Nicholas J Cummins as J YEATS

Ronika McClain
Julieta Salgado
Vanessa Friedman
Emma $$$

Barberback: Marlena Stevenson

(Disclaimer: We are not professional barbers. Cutting hair is a passion and a hobby, and although some of us are working toward it, we are not licensed professionals. We do have your best interest and look at heart though, and we do a solid job, if we do say so ourselves.)

We’ve rented out a venue for the very first time! We’re super excited to announce our one-night stand with LaunchPad:

721 Franklin Ave.
Brooklyn, NY
2, 3, 4, 5, and S

PhreshcutzIdeas! via PHRESH CUTZ

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