Ask dapperQ: Where to Find a Tux?

A reader asks:

“I’m having a major issue that somewhat has me frustrated.  I am attending a Human Rights Campaign Gala Event in Charlotte, NC on February 23rd. I am excited about this event because it will be my first Gala event ever, especially in the LGBT community. But, my first issue of the New Year is finding a tuxedo for myself. I have searched many sites, while doing so I stumbled on dapperQ, thank god! dapperQ seems very knowledgeable about fashion, so can you please help?”

Thanks for your question. The first thing I’m going to do is refer you to our Suits 101, 201, and 301 manuals on Autostraddle. These guides will give you an idea of how to measure for tuxedos, what attire is appropriate for black-tie events, and guidelines for tailoring.

TuxesEllen DeGeneres (left) and Samantha Ronson (right) in their take on the tux

Did you read them? Great. Then you know what I’m going to say next: If you want to look swag, you have to go custom made or at least purchase a decent tux and get it tailored. But, I’m not sure if you’re planning on renting or purchasing. So, since the clock is ticking, here are some vendors that our readers swear by:

  • Men’s Wearhouse: Our readers have rented and purchased tuxes here for proms and weddings. One reader said of her Men’s Warehouse prom tux, “They had a variety of name brands to choose from. I wore a Calvin Klein tuxedo and my package came complete with shoes, socks, suspenders, cuff links, and a pre tied bow tie.”
  • Her Tuxedo: Starting at $295, Her Tuxedo offers tuxedos for “women” in sizes 4-12.
  • J-Crew: The J-Crew Ludlow tuxedo is $525 but well worth it! Many of our transmasculine identified readers have invested in Ludlow tuxes for weddings and other formal events.
  • Town and Country Tuxedo: He Said/We Said model Lilly Alban wore this amazing white tailored tux by Christian Dior from Town and Country Tuxedo.
  • Butch Clothing Company: I did not include the amazing Butch Clothing Company, a bespoke suit clothier, in our roundup because the individual who submitted the original “Ask dapperQ” question seemed to have some time restrictions. However, for future reference, our readers should know that the Butch Clothing Company is definitely an option for tuxes.


Lilly Alban in tailored Christian Dior tuxedo from Town and Conntry Tuxedo

Hope this helps. Have fun…and send us pictures of you in your outfit!


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  • Tomboy Tailors is also happy to help people with made-to-measure tuxedos. Just this morning, we fitted a musician in New York for two tuxedos for The GRAMMY Awards and pre and post parties. Our retail store is opening in San Francisco on February 2nd. Our online store is opening in April but we are also helping people via email, Skype and in person already. Thanks! Love Dapper Q!

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