Androgyny Shirts Provide Real Solutions to Fit Problems!

Does the following pretty much sum up your experiences with shopping for dress shirts?

Androgyny Fit Issues

Sigh. Join the club. Troubleshooting fit issues has been one of dapperQ’s goals since our humble beginnings. Since 2010, we have received countless reader e-mails imploring us to help with finding real solutions to the above listed problems. A few years ago, addressing our readers’ concerns was more challenging, as there were very few designers making menswear to fit female-bodied individuals. Flash forward three years later and we are now finding that the number of designers taking on this task seems to be growing each day. But, when it comes to the button-down, Androgyny, a San Francisco based clothing company specializing in menswear inspired shirts for female bodies, has separated itself from the pack with respect to impeccable style and outstanding quality.


Founder Melissa Millan knows firsthand how difficult it is for dapperQs to find the perfect button-down:

“For years I struggled to find my identity on the racks of mass-market chains. I constantly had trouble finding clothes that not only fit my body but allowed me to feel comfortable and confident. The women’s offerings were always too form fitting and feminine, whereas the men’s offerings were oversized and failed to accommodate my female proportions. I was not alone. Many of my friends and co-workers expressed the same frustration. I didn’t understand why no apparel brand was creating androgynous clothing for androgynous folks like us.”

However, instead of waiting for someone else to come to the rescue, Melissa took action and the Androgyny Signature Shirt was born. “I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I created it.”

Androgyny BB-60

What I like most about these shirts are the dapper details that you won’t find at other retailers for the same price. I mean, check out the cuffs alone:

Androgyny BB-78

Androgyny BB-69

So, yes they look great. But, you’re probably wondering about the fit, about what makes these shirts so different from all the other button-downs. Here are some of Androgyny’s superior fit-fix features:

  • “Boob button” to minimize gaping;
  • Center box-pleat on back to allow for extra room through the chest and shoulders;
  • Slight and SUBTLE hourglass curve to accommodate for womanly curves; and much more.

Androgyny’s Stats:

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