Ask dapperQ: Styles and Cuts for Long Haired dapperQs?

A reader asks:

“Dear dapperQ,

…I am generally really attracted to the dapperQ aesthetic, but am not quite ready to cut my hair short like most of the dapperQs you showcase. Do you have any recommendations for either longer cuts or styles that would fit the dapperQ sensibility?”

Long hair has historically been associated with femininity. Moreover, long hair on masculine folks has typically been associated with rebellious subcultures such as hippies, punk rockers, and metal heads. So, what’s a more masculine presenting dandy to do if they prefer to rock a longer hair style? I say throw the rule books out the window and go long hair, don’t care! I mean, if we’re truly committed to breaking binary gender norms, then forget those who say that long hair and bow-ties don’t mix. Get some inspiration from more modern long haired fashion forward types, like menswear runway models, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Ellen Page, and others:


Ellen Page IIIElliot Page via The Androgynous Look

Curly Long SmallCurly haired dapper femme via Wildfang’s Instagram

brad_pitt_tuxedo_camel_lined_jBrad Pitt via Posh 24

Kate-Moennig-789752245_smallKate Moennig via Last FM

Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman with long hair styled short. Photo via Qwear

Braided SmallAfraid to cut it off? Then, braid it up! Photo via Wildfang’s Instagram

Johnny Depp II Small

Johnny Depp demonstrates that long hair can be incredibly dapper, masculine, and handsome. Photo via Rosie 2010

Bang Pomp SmallIf you can’t commit to a short pompadour, just pomp your bangs. Photo via Wildfang’s Instagram

Bing HairBing, founder of the blog I Dream of Dapper, has long locks that she sometimes styles short with a faux pomp. Photo via dapperQ

Faux Pomp smallAnother example of a faux pomp. Photo via Azimuth Circle

Griner010-853x1024WNBA star Brittney Griner. Photo via ESPN

Ellen PageEllen Page’s style is long and feminine, but she still looks incredibly dapper. Goes to show that dapper is more about how you style it, rather than the length of your hair! Photo via Tumblr

brad-pitt-long-hair dapperYou can’t even question Brad Pitt’s long haired dapperness. Photo via Mysterious Banana Peel

Jodi Foster short hair smallJodi Foster via Girls in Suits

Paul Smith Fall 2011 II smallPaul Smith’s Fall 2011 collection via

androgynous-fashion-propellerModel for VEEA clothing line

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  • This is really awesome, thank you!!! I really like how the faux pomp with a bun looks like shorter/more andro hair. I’m going to go buy bobby pins and hair wax (I don’t usually do much with my hair) and will hopefully have an awesome new dapper look to debut soon 🙂

  • I disagree with long hair being feminine. Men have traditionally had long hair up to the last 100 or 200 years. I think it’s more masculine, like a Greek or Norse God.

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