Super Sale Saturday Roundup: Best Clearance Queer Fashion on the Web

Welcome to our latest regular roundup –  SUPER SALE SATURDAY –  where we list all of the amazing dapper queer sale/clearance items we found on the web. You don’t have to get dressed. You don’t have to leave your bed. You don’t even have to spend hours scouring the Internet. Just grab your favorite beverage, put on some tunes, and let us do the shopping for you. Today is an ASOS day…

Asos PoloStep up your polo game with fun summer designs. ASOS Polo with Tropical Print. $15.24 (originally $34.30). Click here to purchase.

ASOS PantBecause summer is here and you need dress pants for work/weddings/vacation but chambray is usually so dang expensive. ASOS Cropped Suit Pants. $17.15 (originally $57.16). Click here to purchase.

ASOS Button Down

All of the hip pattern mixing of VEER and Wildfing, but without the VEER and Wildfang prices. ASOS Check Shirt In Long Sleeve With Cut And Sew Detail. $19.05 (originally $57.16). Click here to purchase.

ASOS FlagBecause it’s almost Merika’s birthday. ASOS 3/4 Lounge Sweatpants with Stars and Stripe Print. $19.05 (originally $38.11). Click here to purchase.

ASOS BackpackBecause you can never have enough backpacks. ASOS Backpack with Snakeskin Front Pocket. $17.15 (originally $43.82). Click here to purchase.

ASOS ShortsAgain, upscale andro street goth look (VEER, Wildfang, Sir New York) without the upscale prices. ASOS Lounge Short with Acid Wash. $17.15 (originally $34.30). Click here to purchase.

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