Ask dapperQ: Affordable Masculine Winter Boots for Small Feet?

*Feature image: ASOS ACTING UP Leather Ankle Boots

A reader writes:

You’re an amazing source of inspiration and ideas. I am looking for boots like these:

Winter Boots

But my size is 6.5 in women. Where can I get boots that make me feel awesome but don’t break the bank. Please help!

These boots are fantastic (and expensive), indeed. A few comments. First, there are always things I advise skimping on and splurging on when building your wardrobe. Things I never advise skimping on are suits and good, warm winter shoes that will last you. Having said that, you can find quality winter boots on sale or search thrift shops in the hopes you’ll win the boot lottery and find the perfect pair on a dime. But, you have a tall order, my friend: (1) dashing, fashion-forward boots that are (2) masculine and that (3) come in a “women’s” size 6.5 and that are (4) AFFORDABLE. I found these perfect Timberlands for you at ASOS, but, unfortunately, they are a $300!

Women_Winter_BootsTimberland 6″ Premium Burgundy Lace Up Flat Boot via ASOS

If these gems don’t inspire you to break the bank, I have scoured the Internet to find similar-ish boots for $130 or less. But, keep in mind, the quality and aesthetic are not an exact match, but they are close  (and keep an eye out for sales):

Menswear Inspired Women's Boots


Top from left to right: Naughty Monkey Women’s London Calling Chukka Boot via Amazon ($120); Alexandria Lace Waterproof Boot via BOGS ($130); Qupid Women’s Wyatte 5X Boot via Amazon ($30)

Middle from left to right: Halker via Aldo ($60-$120…look for sales); David Tate Jersey via 6PM ($60); ASOS ACTING UP Suede Ankle Boots via ASOS ($104).

Bottom from left to right: The Sak Julia Combat Boot via DSW ($70); Pearl Lace Waterproof via BOGS ($130); Ciffs by White Mountain via Macy’s ($80)

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  • A little break in time and then Docs are amazing. I recall living in Greenwich Village in the '90s and they were so popular. Will last forever.

  • Great question and one I struggle with my self . I'm surprised this hasn't been a marketable enough product to cater to a specific taste

  • These are not really dapper though. I think there's a world of difference between combat boots, work boots, and fashionable, masculine, dressy/casual, winter short boots. A common misconception that has many of us stuck with a "Timberland Look" or a punk look, when what we really want is a slimmer, non bulky, "Dapper In A Pair Of Nice Jeans" look.

  • What are the 6 pairs of shoes depicted in the first image? Any idea where I would purchase them?

  • One word…Sebago. The Claremont line isvfantadtic and affordable. Comfortable, well made and they look amazing after a good spit shine.

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