Seven Days of Dapper: Alana

dapperQ is back with a brand new Seven Days of Dapper! It is our first Seven Days of Dapper of 2015 and we couldn’t think of a better way of kicking off this year’s series than with some style from LA LA land; It’s cold up here in NYC and we need some dashing dappers to warm us up. So, let’s get this queer style party started with Alana, a Los Angelas native with incredible swag:

I’m Alana and I am just a Los Angeles native currently taking steps to just be comfortable being me. That may mean trying new styles and ways to express myself, but also finally buckling down to advance in school.

When it comes to my personal style, I don’t have a go to outfit for a specific event or occasion. I like to start with an accessory or article of clothing that just feels right and makes me a bit more confident, then go from there. I love to change my style up and mixing up even more so you can see traces of one style while I’m pulling off another. Expressing myself through style is probably the most rewarding for me when showing others a glimmer of my interests, creativity, or just what’s going on in my head.

Day 1

dapperq_alana 1

dapperq_alana 1b

dapperq_alana 1c

dapperq_alana 1d

It’s the basic clean cut look. I could wear this on a date, to a lounge, to an interview, wedding, etc. It doesn’t feel too dressed up, not under dressed, though some might want a tie. If I was [to wear one] it’d be a necktie, as I’m not a huge fan of wearing bow ties.

Details: Blazer – Asos, Shirt – Vintage Ralph Lauren, Pants – H&M, Shoes – TUK Creepers

Day 2 

dapperq_alana 2

dapperq_alana 2b

dapperq_alana 2c

dapperq_alana 2d

I’d say for this look it could just be everyday wear, but a few small touches with the suspenders and great shoes shows a little more effort. Without them, it’s just something that wouldn’t get a second thought to run errands in, but with them I feel like I’m less likely to run into someone with the same shirt wearing it in the same style and can meet with friends without changing clothes.
Details: Shirt – H&M, Pants – H&M, Suspenders – H&M, Shoes – Unif

Day 3 

dapperq_alana 3

dapperq_alana 3b

dapperq_alana 3c

Sherpa Jacket with black: Don’t I look warm and cozy? Most likely to wear this on a date on a cold night. It’s simple, the colors go well. I love it.
Details: Jacket – Forever21, Pants – Express, Sweater – Grayson and Dunne

Day 4 

dapperq_alana 4

dapperq_alana 4b

dapperq_alana 4c

I like this look, because while it’s casual, it’s something that stands out while being really simple. Something I’d wear to a daytime outing like brunch or a date or just anywhere I can be proud to be sporting white pants that are still white.

Details: Pants – H&M, Sweater – H&M, Boots – Asos

Day 5

dapperq_alana 5.1

dapperq_alana 5

dapperq_alana 5c

Honestly, I’m more a fan of adding a pop of color than going full color. But, this is me when I’m living on the edge, but really this is something I’d probably wear to the park for a picnic to not feel too out of touch with my surroundings.

Details: Shirt – Asos, Pants – Hollister, Suspenders – H&M

Day 6

dapperq_alana 6

dapperq_alana 6b

dapperq_alana 6c

dapperq_alana 6d

Leather Jacket with sneakers: An all black look that I love; I think it shows the edge that I have while hinting at different styles in my closet. The feminine shirt switched instead of men’s button down hints that I may pull tomboy femme looks every once in a while. I think finding the right jewelry can set a look off though.

Details: Shirt – American Apparel, Pants – H&M, Jacket – Front Row Shop, Shoes – Jeffrey Cambell

Day 7

dapperq_alana 7.1

dapperq_alana 7

dapperq_alana 7c

I just like slim fit polos because they hug your arms and make them look great whatever the size. After that I could play with small touches like the navy jacket or a red one to match the collar without being too matchy. It’s just a smart look that shows of my arms if I want without being too sporty.

Details: Shirt – H&M, Pants – H&M, Jacket – American Apparel, Shoes – TUK Creepers


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