Atelier Wonder: Streetwear with Power Clashing Flare

Masculinity, androgyny, femininity: all constructs that vary across cultures and across time. The reproduction of Western masculinity in queer style is liberating for some, but stifling for others. More and more, we are seeing designers redefine masculine and androgynous style for those who do not fit neatly into binary boxes. One such designer is Paulina Wonders, a Montreal visionary who is the founder of the clothing brand Atelier Wonder. F.Y. states that Atelier Wonder’s pieces “range from digitally printed coats to airy silk organza pieces with graphic rhinestone appliqué. The collection is unisex and promotes concepts of gender bending.”

DYDH Productions, in collaboration with photographer Gabryela Vogua, shot an editorial featuring some of Atlier Wonder’s latest designs exclusively for our readers. This is the fourth and final in a series of DYDH/Vogua editorials for dapperQ.











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