Last Minute Quick and Easy New Years Eve Outfits

Every year, my partner and I wait until the last minute to decide what we’re doing for New Years Eve, which means we never know what we’re going to wear until the 11th hour. If you’re like us and do not have time to spend thinking about and shopping for a brand new head-to-toe ensemble, here are some quick and easy items that you can add to wardrobe staples to pull together an effortlessly stylish look.




The latest in power clashing is leopard print and plaid. They match…trust me, they match. The two are an unexpected fashion-forward dashing combo that very few people will think of pairing or even have the guts to pull off. If you already own a white dress shirt and black dress pants, all you need is one leopard print item and one plaid item. You can go big by adding a plaid or leopard blazer paired with a smaller leopard or plaid accessory (respectively), such as shoes, a scarf, or a tie. Or, you can combine two smaller accessories (one of each print). If you hit up a large department store or mall, you should be fairly successful at finding each of these prints in a short period of time. (Search the “men’s,” “women’s” and juniors departments.) I know…the mall. Godspeed!




Bling and bombers are a perfect match for a simple, androgynous casual outfit that still looks hip. Weather you pair them with heels or high tops, bombers can be an affordable item to throw over a black t-shirt and jeans. Go with a lightweight version if you plan on breaking a sweat on the dance floor. You can find fun, patterned bombers in both the “men’s” and “women’s” departments at places like Forever 21, H&M, or in the juniors department at major department stores. If you don’t have the ca$h for expensive bling, discount stores like TJ MAXX and Marshalls carry faux gold costume jewlery.




If you’re freaking out because you have a fancier event to attend, but do not have time to search for the perfect suit, which will probably still need tailoring, focus on finding the perfect statement blazer/jacket. Topman and department stores are a good place to start searching for a stand out jacket that will turn heads. If you already own a decent dress shirt and slacks, this is is all you’ll need.

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