Ask dapperQ: Androgynous Summer Office Attire

Ask dapperQ is back with a reader questions about how to dress dapper in the heat. We’ve received quite a few questions, ranging from what to wear to work to what to wear to weddings that won’t fry you to a crisp in rising summer temperatures. One particular question read:

“The weather’s already getting hot here and I’m not sure what to wear at my business-casual (leaning toward the casual, but still professional) workplace. I work with a bunch of creative art types and it seems like they all have giant closets full of amazing colors and patterns. It’s easy to get inspired by my dapper coworkers, but hard to build my own wardrobe with my bottom-of-the-ladder, recent college grad paycheck. I plan to hit up Topman for 1-2 discounted shirts and then the thrift store, but I feel like even if I get 3-4 patterned short sleeve button ups, it will still be obvious if I wear the same shirt more than once or twice in a two week period. Do you have any recommendations on how to create the illusion of having a diverse wardrobe, maybe with accessories or other pieces I can wear more than once in a week? I’m not a huge tie person (more androgynous than masculine), but I’m willing to experiment a bit.”

Summer dapper dressing is possible! We promise. The key is to opt for light weight fabrics (linen, cotton, seersucker); vests in lieu of blazers; and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

a dapper chickPerfect summer style served by fashion blogger A Dapper Chick.

Like A Dapper Chick, aka Ariam Sara Geffrard, (pictured above) the key is to go with basics as a foundation and then accessories with patterns, watches, jewelry, hats, socks, and shoes to get the most mileage out of simple whites and blacks. You don’t have to rock a tie; But perhaps you can rock some really cool suspenders, patterned socks, vests, and blazers, which can be layered and worn year-round.

A+Dapper+Chick+-+DerbyFoundation stays somewhat the same, but the layers change to make it look like a completely different outfit. Via A Dapper Chick.

Check out our previous posts on socks and accessories here and here for more inspiration. And, also refer back to a 2012 post we published on warm weather clothing here. Some of the trends have changed, but you can get an idea of how to work with patterns and colors to diversify your wardrobe. Lastly, check out Ellen DeGeneres’ Pinterest board, as well as style blogger Anthony Urbano of Closet Freaks, for more creative, andro work attire sans the ties.

*Feature image and photos by DAG Images via A Dapper Chick.

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