10 Instagrams for Fierce Femme Fashion!

To kick off our first week of Hi Femme!, a new partner project of dapperQ celebrating the contributions of femme style to queer fashion, we rounded up just some of our favorite Instagrams serving fierce femme fashion inspiration. (There are many…more to come.) We hope these Grams give you lyfe! (*Feature image via Fit for a Femme.)

1. @dearjonesey (of Fit for a Femme)

Same dress, two cities in a new #fitforafemme post! Here’s the LA version.

A photo posted by aja aguirre (@dearjonesey) on

2. @houseofalexzander

Blush Hey, check out what I wore to a wedding today! More on… Houseofalexzander.com Xoxo -Elliott Alexzander

A photo posted by House of Alexzander (@houseofalexzander) on

3. @femmeasfuck


4. @thelocdbella

5. @darkmatterpoetry

everything is bigger in texas ??

A photo posted by DarkMatter (@darkmatterpoetry) on

6. @the.ample

7. @iamjarridjones

8. @thedefiantfemme

With new old bag… Loving pre birthday gifts ???? #thedefiantfemme #theinvisiblefemme

A photo posted by CLB (@thedefiantfemme) on

9. @nicolettemason

??? | new blog post, ? @lydiahudgens

A photo posted by nicolette mason (@nicolettemason) on

10. @mwendersinsuspenders

New post “Live and Die in Afrika” up now at www.Noirlinians.com •• @noirlinians ? photos by @kobbywaiyaki

A photo posted by FreeQuency (@mwendersinsuspenders) on

Whose style are you following on Instagram? Leave in the comments section below for our follow up post(s)!


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  • While I understand the need to be inclusive of a larger community – I was really enjoying having a fashion site that was targeted directly at me. As a dapper soft butch who has little access to big city fashion on the day-to-day, the rich content of this site has helped get me excited about clothes and have given me a sense of identity that matches my personality.

    Your tag line says specifically that its about men’s fashion. I hope we can keep it that way.

  • dapperQ’s mission will remain the same. This is a partner project. But, more concerning is that this comment seems to insinuate that providing a project that highlights femme visibility somehow contributes to the erasure of masculinity in the queer community, which is (a) already praised over femininity and (b) simply isn’t true. This should be about solidarity and the two existing on the web should not be mutually exclusive. The idea that there is a finite amount of resources is what divides us.

  • Dear Jessica,
    I think the whole dapperQ community understands the necessity for platforms for masculine presenting women and trans individuals, that is why we are here right? However, I think your comment is problematic in many ways, some that Anita already mentioned. First of all, I hope you realise that with your comment you are alienating us Femmes and actually hurting us! The editor in chief of this site is a Femme, the people that stand in the corner and back up all our wonderful masculine presenting siblings are Femmes, we are part of the community, we help to build the community, we create spaces to celebrate masculinity and defend them! Your statement completely ignores that. Your statement divides us and is the epitome of anti-solidarity. So, to feel threatened by the appreciation of Femmehood, which is an even more marginal space btw, you are basically replicating hegemonic misogynist notions of anti-femininity. Nobody said DapperQ is becoming an exclusive Femme space: It just opened the door for Femme appreciation by creating a sister site. Therefore let’s uplift and empower each other instead of sitting sulking in the corner because for once we have to share a tini-tiny bit of the cake with queer femininity. Transgressing men’s fashion, transgressing hegemonic masculinity and transgressing misogynist rhetoric! I hear you, but please don’t try to erase us for your visibility!

  • This is so important, and all these femmes are very dreamy! Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing the work of lifting up femmes of all stripes. We’ve learned for so long to go without, or to take what we’re given and deal with it, or to thrive in a sort of queer purgatory outside of the straight world, that I think many of us — not just femmes, but all kinds of queers — will need to summon grace as the gaze shifts from being overlooked and unseen to being recognized and valued and celebrated. As we should be.

    Hopefully the new project gives us all lots and lots and lots of practice!

    Side note: Dang it, I miss that rad denim rug.

  • As a MOC identifying boi in a very creative field, and who has witnessed and even participated in the renaissance of the transmaculine/genderqueer/etc “movement” if you will, have become kinda… hmm “bored” with myself and seeing only others like me represented. I actually haven’t visited your site in a little while, but I did today to checkout this article. I am married to a femme and have many dear femmes whose styles inspire me everyday. I appreciate Anita so much for running this site so well for many years, especially considering she’s femme identifying!! Running a blog with new content is incredibly time-consuming and difficult to say the least, so thank you for doing the bois a favor for so long. I look forward to seeing some fierce femmes and gladly share femme content.

  • This is great roundup, and I am beyond EXCITED to see what’s to come from this partnership! As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I sometimes feel like my lesbian identity is stripped from me simply because I don’t present myself as masculine.

    Dasha | http://windycitywardrobe.com

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