100 Most Stylish dapperQs 2019

In July 2013, dapperQ published our first ever list of 100 Most Stylish dapperQs. This was by far one of our most popular posts, but was by no means exhaustive. Since the original post was not comprehensive enough to capture all of the amazing dapper that exists in our community, our team decided to compile an annual list of 100 most stylish dapperQs. This year is our SEVENTH anniversary of this piece!

Important things to know about this list…

Those on the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 lists are, for the most part, not eligible for the 2019 list because we want to reserve space to celebrate other members our community. But, not to worry; those on the first list, on the second list, on the third list, on the fourth list, on the fifth list and on the sixth list still hold their titles.

Individuals were selected based on a nomination system. Don’t see someone you think should be on here? Nominate them for the 2020 list by e-mailing [email protected].

Our list is trans inclusive because our mission has always been to be a fashion and empowerment website for the unconventionally masculine: masculine and androgynous presenting women, gender queers, and trans identified individuals — anyone who has been told that masculinity, androgyny, and masculine-leaning non-binary style is off limits to them.


This list is not based on sexual orientation, but rather style and expression.

Nominees have a range of styles: some are fluid, and many do not fit neatly into the gender binary. Styles range from andro-chic, to dandy, to tomboy, to rock n’ roll, and more…

“Eff that! Where’s all the high femme fashion?” We agree 100% and have recently started a sibling project, Hi Femme! We have received A LOT of push back and criticism for it. But, femme visibility is important and we plan on moving forward regardless of the haters. Our goal was to have a list that integrates Hi Femme! this 2019 edition, but we are still working on building a solid archive of images that represent a diverse range of femme expression. We do not want to run a piece that is not inclusive and intersectional. If you know of a fierce femme to feature, please feel free to nominate them at [email protected]. We need more submissions, and they come from you!!!

1. Milly D.

Photo by serichai traipoom

2. Ty May
Co-Founder of T&J Upcycling: Re-Designing Expression

Photo by Jonny Edward

3. Emma Herrera
UX and Visual Designer at IBM ix

Suit and photo by 9 Tailors

4. K. Norris
Emergency Medicine

Photo via @crossfitemt

5. Chella Man
First Asian deaf transgender model signed to IMG Models

Photo by Ryan Duffin

6. Ayomide

Photo by Imogen Slater

7. Jess Torres
Music Maker; Stylist

Button-up and photo by Kirrin Finch

8. Ksenia K.
Creative Director & Custom Clothier at Ian Rios New York

Photo via @kseikon

9. Beatrice Siko

Photo via @beta_siko

10. Nat

Photo via @oaknmetal

11. Fox Squire
Production Accountant


12. SOAK.

Photo via @soaksoaksoak

12. Janae’ Pittman
Fashion Creative

Photo by @memok3

14. TJ

Photo via @renegades_

15. Megan Kimberling
Creative Director, SOURCE | CREATE

Photo by PedrO_Oros photography

16. Ilesia Boyles “LeLe”
Admissions Representative


Photo via @lehuncho

17. Queen Sharp “Queen”
Probation Officer

Photo via @theking_in_thequeen

18. Jessica Brownlee “Jess”
Criminal Justice Information Analyst

Photo via @jessicabrownlee_

19. Angela Smith “Angie”
Environmental Specialist

Photo via @_eatmyfashiion

20. Desi Sulca
Video Producer/Editor/Director

Photo by @iamnijai

21. Izzy D.
Photographer; Model; Stylist

Photo via @bizzy.bean

22. Lexy Foxley-Johnson

Photo by Rosie Ablewhite

23. Rosie Ablewhite
Freelance Artist

Photo by Lexy Foxley-Johnson

24. Jasmyn

Photo by Lorenzo Wallace

25. Beverly Winters
Postal Service


Photo by Matt Crump

26. Amber of Amber’s Closet

Photo via @amberscloset

27. Sara Nata
Stylist and Fashion Enthusiast

Photo via @sara_nata

28. Raheena

Photo via @sheiskinggrayh

29. Bandy Kiki
Digital Brand Strategist; LGBTQ Activist

Photo via @bandykiki

30. Hannah Rad
TV Host; DJ

Photo via @hannahrad

31. Selena Ferrer

Photo via @selenaferrer

32. Lilly Singh

Photo via @iisuperwomanii

33. G. Célestine
Designer; Influencer

Photo by @mojofotoco

34.Tanekwah Hinds
Wellesley College, Class of 2015
Women’s Health Program Coordinator | Fenway Health

Photo by @allyschmaling

35. Mx. Beltran

Suit by Bindle & Keep. Photo via @mx.beltran

36. Sarabi

Photo by @gilly_topicha

37. Sam Henning
Artist; Actor; Activist

Photo via @alexandriamonette

38. Lindsay Cale
Travel Blogger

Photo via @lindsaycale

39. Elijah Martinez
Union Carpenter

Photo via @thetransitexperience

40. K.
Model and Public Figure

Photo by Gabrielle Alexa Noel

41. Deana Williams-Williams
Director; Writer; Producer

Photo by @shotbyerv

42. Amy Harclerode
Chief Development Officer, Hetrick-Martin Institute

Photo by @paoloceritano

43. Aimee Phillips
Footballer, NZ International

Suit by Sundae Suits. Photo via @aimeethebadass

44. Tangina Stone

Photo via @stoneblu

45. C. Renali

Photo via @hefeyogi

46. Ronnie

Photo by @0rlannss

47. o²

Photo by @its_holes

48. Meg Cameron
UX Designer

Photo via @megcameronny

49. Piggy
Model; Creative

Photo via @yourpigfriend

50. Zemora (Zee) Davis
Fashion and Fitness Enthusiast

Photo by @annekes_world

51. SheAh Prince Eternal
Life Coach; Writer; Artist

Photo by Matt Crump

52. Storme DeLarverie
According to Stormé and eyewitnesses, Stormé was the spark that ignited the Stonewall riots


53. Ashton

Photo via @not.hsa

54. Olly

Photo by @agusparedesmx + @andreaenlaluna

55. Princeton

Photo via @pr1ncessxxx

56. Cyrus Golestan
Co-founder/CEO of Trans In the Wild

Photo by Em Watson

57. Anna Rommel
Public Figure

Photo via @rommel.anna

58. Lia Bass

Photo via @oldirtiislim

59. AV
Deaf Asian Queer Stud, Program Manager and Deaf Interpreter

Photo via @lalu03

60. Bethany C. Meyers
Founder and CEO of The Become Project

Photo via @bethanycmeyers

61. Mika

Photo via @mikarowe

62. Divinity Ray
Hair Stylist; Performer; Activist

Photo by @justinelisz

63. Florida Elago
Software Engineer; “Menswear” Influencer

Suit by ASOS. Photo via @floridaelago

64. Jae Rice

Photo via dapperQ

65. Ellen Ford
Queer Fashion Podcast Host; Designer, Sharpe Suiting

Suit and photo via @sharpesuiting

66. Arei Butler
Hip-Hop Feminist; Ph.D. Candidate

Photo by @lbphotography1

67. mary-kate
Wardrobe Stylist/Assistant; Model

Photo by @mrfowora

68. Karla
Queer Officiant; Love Storyteller

Photo by @laurynkayphotography

69. Dao
Dapper Queer and Wanderluster

Photo by @atsocanicole

70. Jehan Kennedy Soderquist

Photo via @existeraidinilska

71. Grace Jones
Supermodel; Singer-Songwriter; Actor; Producer

Photo by Lynn Goldsmith

72. Bex Taylor-Klaus

Photo via @veronica.graye

73. KM

Photo via @summacumlaugay

74. Jidenny
AAS, Surgical Technology; BA, Biology

Photo via @jidenny

75. Jan Angus


Photo via @butchisnotadirtyword

76. Bobby
Tattoo Artist; Designer

Photo via @mollyktadams

77. Lucas Elliot
Co-founder/COO Trans In the Wild

Photo by @matineeidolphotography

78. Shanda Pöwer!

Photo by @lenscope_lsp

79. Christine Soifer
Director of Business Development

Photo via @therealween

80. Maria Boutzoukas
UX Designer

Photo via @marakiboutz

81. J Aprileo
Content Creator

Photo via @comfyfattravels

82. Agathe Mougin

Photo via @krammerstoudt

83. Marina Alaine Braynon-Moore
FL House of Representatives Aide

Photo via @marinatedmoore

84. Helen and Char
Public Figures
[Helen Instagram | Char Instagram]

Photo by @rachelsherlockphotography

85. Mayra Nevarez
Public Figure

Photo by @nightengalephotography


Photo via @fiveboi

87. Kaye Awatin

Photo via @kayeawatin

88. DJ Dimples

Photo via @djdimples

89. Katy Erin
Actor; Screenwriter

Photo by @mmmaryhoward

90. Foxx
Investor; Entrepreneur

Photo by @asiamphotography

91. Alina Vega

Photo by @annazonianphoto


92. B. Edge
Model; Activist; Event Curator

Photo via @thetrillest_89

93. Jess
Southern Dandy

Photo via @ledapperdiva

94. Sunshine Estes
Artist; Fashion Enthusiast

Photo by @caleb____c

95. Max Masure
Co-founder, Argo Collective

Photo via @madmaxmasure


96. Jade
Content Creator (Comedy)

Photo via @thisisjade

97. Syd
Assistant Designer, HALSTON; Artist; Model

Photo via @3xeyes

98. A.T.

Photo by @studioxiiiphotography

99. Tee
Multi-dimensional Artist

Photo via @teefergus

100. Damaris

Outfit by Stuzo. Photo by @mariyastanglphoto

101 (ok one more) DJ Lamiez Holworthy
DJ and just stylish human we love

Photo via @lamiez_holworthy


via Hypebeast

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