10 Black Queer Businesses to Support 365!

dapperQ is Black queer femme owned and operated, so we celebrate Black excellence 365. Queer History is Black History and Black History is Queer History. There is no Pride without us. There is no Black History Month without us! To close out Black History Month, we are showcasing 10 Black queer owned businesses to support no matter what the month or season. You can find an additional 10 businesses  here that we have featured in previous years.


Stuzo Clothing

@stuzoclothing limited edition drop apparel.


Show & Tell

@showtelloakland apparel, body care, home goods.

BKL MKT Vintage

@blkmktvintage antique/vintage concept shop, specializing in collectibles, cast-off’s and curiosities, which represent the richness of Black history.

Dag Images

@dag_images wedding and fashion photography.

Apogeo Collective

@apogeocollective bed and breakfast, luxury international travel run by @saraelise333 and @_a_chanel.

Bloom & Plume

@bloomandplume @bloomandplumecoffee bespoke floral arrangements / premium coffee shop.

Black Queer Magic

@blackqueermagic handcrafted jewelry.

Kenneth Nicholson

@kenneth.nicholson designer apparel.

Alibi Lounge Harlem

@alibiharlem only Black owned gay bar in NYC.

Vascano Tequila

@vascanotequila premium tequila coming soon, follow NOW!

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