TravelQ: The Most Picturesque Locations in Stockholm to Capture Your Queer Style

Whether you’re still photographing your Insta-worthy queer fits for the Gram, or documenting your GRWM queer lewks for TikTok, Stockholm is a second-to-none LGBTQ-friendly European destination for the traveler seeking safety and inclusivity alongside impeccable design that serves a canvas for envy-worthy content creation.

In 2019, our team sent dapperQ collective members The Street Sensei (aka Kim) and Alithea Castillo (aka Thea) to Stockholm to cover The 75th year anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Sweden, as well as 10 years of marriage equality in the country. Kim and Thea’s specialty is content creation (photo and video) and fashion styling, respectively. So, of course, they returned from Stockholm with the most stunning images.

Photo by @thestreetsensei

Last year, I visited Stockholm to cover their Pride events. But, as everyone knows on my team, I am the BTS writer and producer who has no eye for photography and no patience to arrange a beautiful food flat lay before digging in. I’ll also do the most in orthopedic shoes (and I thank GenZ every day that I no longer feel the need to put on heels feel cute). Nevertheless, what I lacked in high-fashion and photo/video media skills, Stockholm made up for with amazing architecture and unspoiled nature that made the visual documentation of my experience still quite breathtaking.

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While everyone is planning their summer itineraries around capturing photos and videos of the most predictable places in Europe – the content you’ve seen a million times over – we are already excited to return to Stockholm to experience a welcoming, luxurious destination where we can proudly show off our queer fashion. And, what better time to visit and show off your queer style than Stockholm Pride 2023, the 25th anniversary of the largest Pride event in Scandinavia (not to mention the city’s biggest event)? Here are 11 picturesque locations in Stockholm we highly recommend to show up and show out!

1. Miss Clara Hotel

Photo credit: @anitadolcevita

The hotel was originally a girls’ school and the name derives from the school’s progressive and radical principal Clara Strömberg, a pioneer in sexual education.

2. Stockholm subway stations

Photo credit: @thestreetsensei


Photo credit: @27Travels


Photo credit: @dapperQ

The Stockholm subway system is said to be the world’s longest art exhibit!

3. Mälarpaviljongen

Photo credit: @Mälarpaviljongen

Mälarpaviljongen is gay-owned, serving food and drinks on the banks of Lake Mälaren in an idyllic lush oasis. Mälarpaviljongen is one of the top spots in Stockholm to see and be seen, where you can catch the summer sun, take a dip in the blue and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee or a refreshing drink, including a sip from their popular rainbow-coloured bottle of wine with proceeds going to an LGBTQ-charity, the Rainbow Fund.

4. Old Town (Gamla Stan)

Photo credit: @27Travels


Photo credit: @anitadolcevita

Stockhom’s old town (Gamla Stan) is a magical place to wander through winding cobblestoned streets, taking in all of the colorful architecture.

5. Blique Hotel


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Blique’s industrial base is defined by beautiful concrete surfaces, with interiors awash in leather, textiles and wood. The interior was the perfect location for a novice videographer like me to capture queer style like a pro!

6. Chinese Pavilion at Drottningholm

Photo credit: @gabrielandlukas

The Chinese Pavilion at Drottningholm is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, representing the diverse architecture throughout the city areas. This building is the perfect setting for a romantic shoot in style.

7. ABBA The Museum

Photo credit: Stockholm LGBT


If there is ever a time to wear your most extra throwback LGBTQ+ outfit, it is to the Abba Museum. Feel what it’s like to be on stage with ABBA, and to sing at the famous Polar Studio. And, if you don’t own any Abba-inspired outfits, you can dress up in their legendary costumes (virtually).

8. Bruno Gallerian

Photo credit: Stockholm LGBT


Photo credit: @hopestockholm

Bruno Gallerian is a hip neighborhood market with a global feel, featuring renowned Scandinavian designers, Asian eateries, and a club or two. It is also home to Hope, a Swedish fashion brand known for its motto: style before gender.

9. Nobis Hotel

Photo credit: @alitheacastillo lensed by @thestreetsensei

This is it. This is where you get *that* perfect opulent hotel shot. Nobis is a mix of contemporary and traditional, with a cathedral-like lounge and soaring ceilings topped by two glass domes covers. But, with a bedroom covered in gorgeous natural light like this, you may never leave your room!

10. The Royal Palace

Photo credit: A Couple of Men


Every inch of the Royal Palace is a photographer’s and videographer’s dream. And, whereas you might get glares or chased out of other palaces in other cities for letting our LGBTQ+ flag fly, the Royal Palace a welcoming site. The historical LGBTQ+ icon and monarch Queen Christina’s silver throne is a centrepiece of the Royal Apartments at the Royal Palace!

11. Hellsten Glashus

Photo credit: Hellsten Glashus

If your feed aesthetic is dark with rich chocolate browns, then Hellsten Glashus will provide the perfect backdrop for your neutral earth toned queer outfits. Exposed brick walls, deep red and purple accents, and of course their famous piano area are the dreams for the romantic, moody, and mysterious vibe. No filter needed!

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