Seven Days of Dapper: Drae Campbell

You know it. You love it. It’s Seven Days of Dapper, back this time with a special treat for you: the one, the only, the dashing Drae Campbell. Here’s her stats:

Drae is a writer, director, dog walker, dancer, and unabashed entertainer. She sings in the shower. In addition to winning the 2011 Miss LEZ title, Drae has been featured on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and on stages all over NYC. Her directing work has been featured in Iceland, NYC and in the San Francisco Fringe Festival. The short film she wrote and starred in, YOU MOVE ME, won the Audience Award for Outstanding Narrative Short at OUTFEST 2010.

Day #1: Working Mom…(cause a working mom can be a dandy daddy!)

Outfit details: Some of the looks are my real life, some are imagined ideas of other lives…We think there’s not many images out there of working butch and dapper moms. I call this one “Working Mom,” cause a working mom can be a dandy daddy!

Men’s collared black and blue shirt by Vivienne Westwood. Vintage silk tie is a gift from a nice lady friend. Vintage men’s mustard yellow pants on loan from SDN/Marcus Hicks collection. tote bag from RightRides. Bert doll is a birthday gift from long ago. Brown leather belt by PelleMelle (a family gift). Black cloth flat slippers are a flea market find ($1).

Day #2: Best in Show…Biz

Outfit details: I work in the day as a dog walker and cat sitter.  But, I often have to run off right after work in the evening to perform in a show, so I have to be ready! This look brings both of my careers together. I call it “Best in Show….Biz.”

Black velvet blazer with satin lapels from a thrift store in Brooklyn ($12). Light blue pocket square from Burlington Coat Factory in Manhattan ($5). Baggy grey men’s vintage pants from a thrift store in NYC ($10). Men’s white button up collared shirt from a thrift store in NYC ($2). Gold sequin bow tie from ($5). Actual keys to her clients homes.

Day #3: Dykes on BiCycles

Outfit details: I like to ride around town on my gold bike and sometimes go on long rides with the Brooklyn based cycling group, Dykes on BiCycles.  Let’s face it, we’re trying to look good with casual, comfortable clothes. It’s our burden and our gift.

Black cotton/leather on cotton skull & crossbones tee was crafted and designed by SDN/Marcus Hicks. Cut off jean shorts are a gift from a dog walking client. Orange and blue striped canvas belt from the Gap (a gift from my brother). Grey Nike with aqua swoop stripe from Zacky’s ($49). Giant bike chain from Kryptonite ($79).

Day #4: Brunch Date

Outfit details: Going on a brunch date can be risky. It’s the day time, it’s the weekend. Wear classic clothes that fit well and look good. And be a gent!

Men’s black lambswool sweater from Uniqlo ($39). Light blue cotton vintage rock t-shirt from the Salvation Army ($2). Men’s Levi’s trouser pocket straight leg blue denim ($50). Black low-top converse from a yard sale ($7…never worn!).

Day #5: Dandy Time!

Outfit details: I have a Youtube character named The Dandy! This look is a sly homage to The Dandy’s leisurely life and dappery look.

Blue and yellow bow tie from Burlington Coat Factory, 6th Ave, Manhattan ($8). Green v-neck wool sweater by the Gap ($7 thrift store find!). Light blue tailored button up women’s ‘boyfriend’ shirt from Uniqlo ($19.99) Fucshia (or purple?) pocket square from Burlington coat factory ($5). The hat is a birthday gift. Men’s dark blue slim-fit suit pants came with the suit, which was about $150-200. (I think.)

Day #6: Post Apocalyptic Look

Outfit details: Cause even though you’re afraid for your life, running from zombies, are hungry and losing your sanity, you gotta be your dapper best! It’s a look!

White men’s tank top from local 99-cent store ($7 for 3). Black men’s military style button up shirt from H&M on Broadway in Soho ($19). 501 Men’s Levi’s were given to me by a tall former roommate. Brown Caterpillar work boots Zacky’s on Broadway in Manhattan ($60). Outdoor Survival Guide was found on the street. House keys!

Day #7: Laundry Day

Outfit details: Everyone has to get their clothes clean! Make sure you look good, cause you never know who you could meet at the local laundromat!

Seersucker shorts with attached suspenders by local designer Marcus Hicks for his company SDN. Harvey Milk t-shirt designed by local artist Kyle Goen. Converse sneakers from Beacon’s Closet in Williamsburg  ($15….never worn!).

Photo, styling and art design by Eva H.

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