Support the TomboyX Campaign to Dress the Unconventionally Masculine Ages 40+

After several years of struggling to identify and assemble a list of brands that fit our readers’ bodies, there is now a HUGE boom in the number of queer owned and operated lines that are designing and curating collections tailored specifically to dapperQ needs. This has made fashion blogging so much more exciting for me! However, some of our readers have felt that these lines speak much more to a very young demographic with respect to style.

Enter TomboyX. “Tomboy Exchange is an e-commerce lifestyle brand that creates, curates and cultivates clothing and accessories for women over 40.”

What’s better? All of their clothing is made in the USA (Right in Seattle to be exact). You can support their mission and help other dapperQs secure their places at the fashion table by donating to their Kickstarter campaign .

TomboyX Stats:
Twitter: @TomboyExchange

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