Nothing Nice New York Mixes Urban Cool, Bespoke Classic

We’ve had a lot to report on in the past few months regarding the latest explosion of queer owned brands creating and/or curating lines for the unconventionally masculine. But, there are still plenty of allies designing *menswear* that works for a wide range of styles and bodies, and I will continue to research and showcase them so that you have a one-stop-shop resource list right here on dapperQ. Take for example the Nothing Nice New York clothing line. Where else can you find a head turning dapper vintage herringbone three piece bespoke suit made to your measurements for $350?


Not only are the Nothing Nice New York (NNNY) bespoke suits fashionable, but they are also functional. Pair them with one of their tops and you’ve got a clean, casual, urban cool ensemble:

Nothing Nice Tops

This one happens to be my favorite, because I will always and forever be a Chelsea queen:


But, if you wanna know “Where Brooklyn at?,” don’t worry, Nothing Nice gotcha covered. Bronx and Harlem too!

The brand also offers all of the essential accoutrements to take your suit from casual to dandy formal. Just drop the t-shirt and add one of their exquisite ties:

Nothing Nice Ties

ClarkClark Street bow-tie handmade from 100% silk.

And here’s the cherry on top: When I asked Egomeli Hormeku, the creative visionary behind NNNY, to talk about how his brand fits into the dapperQ philosophy, his response demonstrated a genuine understanding of what fashion and personal style is all about:

“I think what makes Nothing Nice New York fashion-forward and inclusive is its aim to forge an identity that New York is nothing without the interactions of people from all walks of life. NNNY embodies a passion to be true to your own personal style however you live your life. It’s about living life to the fullest and looking damn good doing it.

I feel that everyone has to the right to celebrate their lives, and my brands were made to contribute to those moments. If anyone feels otherwise, then my brands aren’t for them. A lot of people shy away from publicizing their personal beliefs over concerns that it could lead to the detriment of their professional endeavors. That isn’t authentic to me. My brands are the products of my beliefs. Period.” – Egomeli Hormeku

Oh snap! I’ve got nothing else to say on that note. Except, go out and grab some of your own NNNY!

Nothing Nice New York Stats:
Twitter: @nothingniceny
E-mail: [email protected]

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