Phoenix dapperQ Offers Low Down on Small Towns

DapperQ walks into a bakery in small town America, confident, eyes forward. I come to these places for food, not really in the mood for the silent interrogation that follows anytime I come in contact with “normal” people. Truth be told, I find myself less and less in the mood as time goes by. The questions their eyes ask are always the same, ‘what IS that?’ and ‘why is it here?’

As are my answers, ‘it’ is a she and she is here for a soy latte. I used to get irritated by the the stares and unsolicited visual interviews. I wondered why people acted as if they’d never seen a well-mannered, tattooed, black, lesbian in a tailored shirt and silk necktie. That was before I realized that they act that way because they haven’t.

Now, I take it as a compliment. One very well disguised in the form of insulting and prejudiced opinions, but a compliment nonetheless. People can think whatever they please, I’ll never really know what conversations ensue as the stunning he-she takes a seat by the window and opens a newspaper. As long as my muffin is fresh and the employees use female pronouns to address me, I couldn’t care less.

We found Sherri Nicole (pictured right) sporting a photo of herself in a bowtie on Twitter.  This piece is her response to Susan Herr’s post here. Originally from northern Virginia, she has lived in Phoenix for three and half years.  Follow her on Twitter @_MsSherri

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  • As a strait woman, I tend to look at a DapperQ, some would say I “stare”. But not because I’m thinking “what are you doing here”, but because I admire you. I wonder about your story. Did you struggle as a child? Did your parents support you? I grew up in a small town in Texas. Very concervative and I always knew I didn’t belong there. I now live in a liberal town in California and love it. People can be who they want to be. That is why I love where I live. Live and let live.

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