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Here’s a great inquiry about femming dapperQ style – thanks K! – to which I asked my wife Shannon to respond first, in hopes that others will follow their lead…

So i just recently found out about dapperQ and I have to say– I’m swooning.

I love the profiles of dapperQ’s….it’s so refreshing to see such an array of fly women really honing their styles. But here is why I’m contacting you– what advice would you have for a really femme looking woman who wants (and has tried, mostly unsuccessfully) to pull off the dapperQ look? I find that even in my own genderbending, lots of people don’t understand it. Like, I want to pull off certain looks but my boobs get in the way. I have yet to see someone with D cups pull off a truly andro look and I guess I’m looking for ways to make it work.

I know you have a post on tailoring but what would you recommend for a girl with a full chest and semi-long hair? I really want to incorporate this ultra feminine aspects of my natural look with the dapperQ look that I want. Any suggestions?

SMLTo which Shannon — grabbed for this dapQ Snap on her way to work at the buttcrack — responds:

As the self-identified, resident femme of our household, who also likes to change it up at times, I was honored when Susan asked me to respond to this inquiry.

I really don’t know if there is anything sexier than mixing the elements of style as they relate to gender. When I want to genderbend my ultra-feminine aspects, the first thing I usually do is reach for my most restrictive jog bra. This always helps to smooth the lines of a more masculine shirt and diverts some attention from my female figure to, say, the details of my suspenders. (Susan loves the “frog-Bra” from Title Nine.)

Also, I will often combine a straight-up male element–for example, straight-legged pinstrip trousers, with a more flirty female piece–like a ruffled dress shirt, also in pinstripes. I wear minimal, if any, jewelery. (Editors Note: Don’t ditch the wedding ring, my sweet!) Pulling my hair back into a low pony-tail and adding a dapperQ fedora hat is a great way to finish the look as well.

Most of all, just remember to have fun and OWN IT. There is no misunderstanding the appeal of confidence.

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  • Being a tall, busty, femme with big feet does give me many advantages when mixing up the looks (and of course in life!). I have a large collection of cowboy and men’s boots. Having Men’s size 8 feet allows for great selection in the Men’s department of Century 21. My latest menopausal look (since I need to strip down in a minute during a hot flash) is great fitting jeans and a man tailored shirt over a frilly tank top, and cool boots. Have had good luck at Housing Works getting good quality men’s button down shirts (Penguin, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers) that are easily tailored.

  • .there is no misunderstanding the appeal of confidence – straight shot for sure! Nice Shannon.

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