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Over the past ten days, more than 800 of you have taken the time to watch dapperQ’s first how-to video “How to Measure For a Man’s Shirt.” I’ve gotten some great feedback.  Gabi told me it gave her and her partner more of a vocabulary to discuss fit.  And Bo – one of the best-dressed men I know – told me he found it really helpful as well.

In this sequel, Alaina continues with Local Dyke Lauren’s kindly if firm instruction.  (Indeed Lauren may be ready to fight the patriarchy with her sleeve and neck measurements, but she will need that knowledge and more as she hosts  Butchlesque on May 7!!!)

As our wise costume historian knows, dapperQs with even the most precise measurements may be stymied when it comes to fitting men’s shirts over busts and hips.  In this video, Alaina provides a few of the most common tailoring solutions that can be used to overcome these difficulties.  If you don’t happen to sew, or know someone who can, this video will arm you with information needed to discuss alterations with the tailor of your choice (and if the person is dapperQ-friendly, will you please let your brethren know on MapperQ which incidentally could use some love!)

Note #1: Do you want more how-to videos? Do you care if they are as well produced as these two or would you settle for less polished and more options? Do you wish I’d spend time coming up with a comprehensive style guide? Prefer video interviews with celesbians about their style? Or would it be most helpful if I started finding where the clothes are that meet our needs in terms of style, size and respect for our gay dollars? I listen to every little comment you make so please let me know.

Note #2: I know I promised some thoughts today on how I’ll think about judging the Evening Wear category of the Mr. Transman 2010 pageant this Sunday night but I just can’t get it up for it. I promise it will happen before then. If you are in NYC, will you plsss get your ticket already? I’ll be tweeting live and would love to get a dapQ Snap of you while I’m there!

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  • This is wonderful! Yes more how-to’s! irregardless of editing
    Also, can we talk about alterations/tailoring from home?
    I have some shirts I want to alter, but am not quite sure where to start… but this has given me some idea

    Can’t wait to see what you bring next!

  • Just want to give more positive feedback on the fantastic job you’re doing in bringing the more masculine presenting woman the kind of REAL information we need, crave and desire.

    Thank you 🙂

  • Love the how-to videos. I’ve been wishing this info was available for a long time now. I’ve been playing around with altering my shirts through trial and error. This video had some new tips for me to try. I would love to see some before and after shots. Showing the difference of the fit, off the rack, compared to after being tailored. That would be awesome.

    And “no” the videos don’t have to be this polished. It is just so great to have the info out there. Thanks for doing what you are doing:-)

  • I’d love more how-tos, and though I admire the production quality of these two I’d happily watch anything. I also love the interviews with individuals about their style.

  • This is a goldmine. I hope they post some home-tailoring vids too; i try to alter mine a little bit at home but i’m not so good at sewing yet so I just stick to trying it out on the shirts I don’t really care about, lol.

  • I also love these videos. I’m lucky in that my grandfather is a tailor and has always altered clothes if I asked him. But I think that the video missed the giant elephant in the room when it comes to tailoring men’s shirts for women: BREASTS!

    I’m a really big woman with huge breasts but really short arms and legs. I don’t bind because it would be pointless but also now I have a chest access for dialysis. By the time I find something that would hold the girls, I have a huge gaping neck and sleeves that are at least 2 inches too long.

    While the sleeve thing is a relatively simple fix for Grandpa, how do I resolve the neck issue?

    Finally, why is it so hard for fat chicks to find pants that don’t feel like bell bottoms? I sure designers understand that fat thighs do not equal fat ankles.

  • More how-to’s definately, but it does us no good to know we have a 14-inch neck size if we can’t find a store that carries that size! I recently went on a shopping excursion with my dapper-minded wife and girlfriend, and while they were able to dig out some sharp-looking women’s shirts with a more masculine style, I have a very long and tall body, so even the subtlest of boob darts and hip flares just make me look ridiculous. I had yet to watch these very helpful videos, so I was just at a loss in the men’s section, but it wouldn’t have helped me: I couldn’t find anything smaller than a 15. I would love love LOVE to see you dig out more stores that cater to the slim gentleman. The little boy’s section at JCPenny’s leaves me wanting for quality (and dignity). :/

  • Well, I have a broad shoulder so I never have shoulder problems with shirts. For me the bottom of the shirt never fits over my huge hips. I mean, I’m black, I got the booty. SO i have to get an extra large shirt for the buttoning potential and then suddenly i’m swimming in it in the shoulder and chest department. HELP!

  • I do have a question… i’m a Dapper Q new to the scene of showing off my more masculine side. I’m plus sized and well endowed up top….any suggestions on how to go men’s clothes shopping…especially men’s dress..?

  • Welcome, FrEbird! It’s a question oft asked. You will find snippets of answers throughout — as in this video –but no summary of tips. It’s obviously one part attitude, smartly stated in this video in which Ariel Speedwagon describes “owning our space.” The rest we have to piece together. As a large-breasted dyke, for instance, I know suspenders accentuate my shape in a way I’m not into. So I don’t go there (much.) Finding clothes that fit, tailoring those that are close, finding pieces like bowties that draw attention to our style, all elements we explore here. Please add comments as you find solutions that you think might work for others?

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