Heading to Mr. Transman 2010 Now!!!

Tonight is Mr. Transman 2010, a first-ever event hosted by the dashing, clever and qualified Mr. Murray Hill! I’m so excited to revel in and celebrate the majesty of my community! I honestly did try to come up with some guidelines for evening wear, but the crap I found – “wear the gown, don’t let it wear you!” – wasn’t helpful.  When I asked Trent, who is organizing the event, if the contestants had been givenany guidelines for what constitutes evening wear, he told me to just expect the unexpected.

trans cowboyLord knows, Tuck Mayo is perfectly dressed for evening with his cowboy hat tilted just so and cigarette hanging just so what. A transcendent lover’s Perfect 10.

But I also got some great criteria through the Twittersphere including this back and forth:

@seeloganrun Obviously “dapper”-ness. Queering/transgressing masculine fashion in a way that seems authentic and unique to the individual

@canihelpyousir I’d give high marks to those who pick clothes that actually flatter them over those wearing something just because it’s masculine.

@seeloganrun I think that is a great criteria- dressing w/intention rather than what seems masculine for masculinity’s sake.

All I know is I am psyched to see and be part of this inaugural event. I’ve got a dapperQ question teed up to ask contestants as well.  I’ll be tweeting live from the event and reporting back soon! (Go get your tix from the Knitting Factory on-line if you can join us; if you can, come give me a dapQSnap!)

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