Designer Thom Browne "Speaks" to dapperQ's!

I don’t know how many straight American men have the guts to rock looks featured in Thom Browne’s 2011 Menswear Line which debuted at the Paris Fashion Week. But I know a hell of a lot of dapperQ’s who could!   ( Take a look at this slideshow from NY Magazine which demos what other designers are doing and glean what you may.)

My primary take-away is that we are the ones Thom Browne has been waiting for! We will go where folks who live inside the box can’t.  Permission to push the boundaries is hereby granted!  Game on!  (See my PS below.)

It occurred to me at the gym, after posting this, that you might not have any idea of what I am encouraging you to do. So let me explain further.  Go through the video or slideshow and find a component of any of these looks that you like and might be able re-create without breaking your piggie.  For instance,you could rock different types of stripes, paisley and silk as I did under the direction of Ralph Lauren Accessories Designer Steven Ianiere.

Or you could rock some knee socks like I did at Stephen’s direction for both that shoot and for a recent wedding.

<a href=””><img title=”shorts” src=”” alt=”shorts” width=”186″ height=”548″ />

The point is, this is a creative process with few to guide us.  As a first step, can you comment with one approach you glean from these photos that you might be most willing to try?

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