A Very Dapper Wedding: Sarah and Mellina

Hetero-normative and gender binary expectations. Interesting when and how they are applied. When two gay men get married, no one questions their style choices if they both choose to wear a suit. (Although, they certainly face other isms borne out of said expectations.) But, if two individuals who we Mellina Vpresume to be women get married, then the rules change a bit: Folks want to know who in the couple is going to wear the dress, and who is going to wear the suit.

But, not here at dapperQ. We advocate wearing what you want and being who you are. And, if you’re the dapper type, we’re here to help you achieve your style goals. One way we do that is by featuring real-world models who have impeccable style. I just so happened to get a submission last week from Mellina and Sarah, who both wore suits at their wedding and looked dashing in their ensembles. Here’s a bit more about them:

Sarah and Mellina met in Seattle, WA after they both moved across the country for a fresh start. They saw the exact opposite in each other, and that’s what made the magic happen. They fell in love over wine, great food, and video games. After seven years together, they finally were able to celebrate their love with marriage equality! They look forward to years of cooking for friends and family, having kids and watching 3-D movies.

Mellina III Mellina (left) and Sarah (right)

Mellina IV

Mellina II

Suits from Nordstrom Men’s Shop, downtown Seattle
Photography by Hannah Ludlow

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  • Were they custom suits at Nordstrom Men’s Shop, or were they off the rack and just tailored? The shoulders fit so well, which is where I always have difficulty finding a suit coat. Is visiting Nordstrom and explaining what I want a hit-or-miss, or are they pretty accepting of masculine of center women without making them feel all sorts of awkward and in the wrong place?

  • Hey Ashley,

    Just thought I’d share my experience with you. I’m not sure about Nordsrom Men’s Shop, but from my experience in MTM (made-to-measure) suits, if you are not large-chested, any MTM service would more-or-less be willing to make you a suit/sports coat if you tell them what you want (it’s very competitive here in NY and if you want a suit, they’ll want your business). If anything, ask by email first. I’ve had an awkward fitting experience once, but the suit itself came out fine. If you are of a bigger frame than an average male figure for a suit, then “bespoke” service might be an option, because it is a handmade service (traditionally), but it is a lot more expensive — expect $2k+ for a suit.

    Oh yea, I don’t think you should get a “bespoke” or custom suit from big brands such as Nordstrom. In the end, they outsource to 3rd parties who make suits at a lower price-point and they upscale the price because of their brand name.

    Hope that helps,

  • Hey there,

    Mellina answered your question via Facebook:

    “We both got Hugo Boss suits off the rack. Made to measure and even bespoke were an option, but our tailor felt he could make off the rack work for us. And it did. I have a very womanly shape. As far as treatment, we were treated with the highest level of dignity. All Nordstrom employees dress in formal wear at work. Their lesbian employees proudly wear a suit and tie with no issue. Our specialist, May, first sat me down and explained that she had worked with same sex couples in the past. She was confident that she could help us find the best suit for our style. Everyone was super nice and complemented us left and right. Our tailor, David, was just as gracious. Nordstrom came out in strong support for same-sex marriage last year when it was on the ballot in Washington. They stand behind their support with wonderful treatment. Hope this helps.”

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