New York Fashion Week Coverage: Marimacho’s S/S 2014 Show

Author: Lia Roque
Photos by Lia Roque

Marimacho’s New York Fashion Week debut brought us into the deepest parts of the ocean where the unknown, but the most fascinating and colorful of species dwell. The stage was set for the audience to plunge into the abyss to discover the latest in Marimacho’s creations and queer fashion.

marimacho 1

When asked what about the ocean inspired creations for this runway show, designer Ivette González-Alé shared:

“What inspired me particularly about the ocean is this ability of renewal. I grew up a born Christian family so I thought about reinventing yourself being born again and being brand new like a new lease on life –  like being submerged and re-emerging as something else. I think that’s what the queer community does over and over we are reinventing ourselves to the unknown, in the uncharted and we re-emerge stronger, more ourselves.”

Marimacho 2
The collection demonstrates Marimacho’s ability to play with retro and new. The sharpness of the cut and fit incorporate the restraint of classic menswear. Breaking away from traditional menswear, however, Marimacho presented the vastness of the ocean through the different colors of its depth; used hues reminiscent of the brightness of coral reefs; and incorporated materials light like froth from waves.

marimacho 3
Marimacho’s collection, which is designed specifically for the unconventionally masculine, is bringing the unexplored regions of the fashion world to the forefront of NYFW. Their exploration paves the way for others to dive deeper and discover new styles for the latest fashionisto/a species – us queers.

Marimaco 6


Marimaco 7

Marimaco 8

Marimaco 9

About the author/photographer: Lia R

Lia Roque is a softball and strength and conditioning coach who just loves to share what she sees beautiful through her lens. You can find Lia on her blog, Chronicles of a Single Lesbian, and on her Tumblr.

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