Butch Style Goes Big Screen, Gets Nod in Top 10 Fashion Mag

One of our favorite fashion bloggers Rachel Tutera, founder of The Handsome Butch and former dapperQ contributor, recently sat down with Marie Clarie, one of the top 10 most popular women’s fashion glossies, to discuss fashion, style, and gender. Tutera will also be featured in a new documentary produced by A Casual Romance Productions, recently launched by Lena Dunham of the hit show Girls.


Handsome Butch MC

Our favorite part of the interview? When Tutera states, “My advice is not to follow “the rules” or to impose any on yourself. The “I’m too X to wear Y” mentality that we have all at some time or another absorbed from around us; it can be unlearned. That’s how I felt as I approached menswear with my body. If you dress (and therefore act) braver than you feel, you’ll grow into that braver version of yourself.”

Congrats Rachel Tutera! Click here for the full interview.

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  • I saw her out once and thought to myself, "My God, what a gorgeous bow tie she's wearing." Aces.

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