Artist behind JLo’s Infamous Birthday Cake Is a Dapper Woman!

For those of you not in the celebrity gossip loop, media outlets lit up like the Northern Lights when they got their hands on images of JLo’s (Jennifer Lopez) 45th birthday cake, a six-foot long, life-sized edible work of art. In fact, gossip columnists called the cake the “real star of the party,” which was held in the Hamptons and boasted a celebrity guest list with the likes of Khloe Kardashian and Kelly Ripa, among other high profile celebs, on it.

bday cakeImage via SamiCakes Boutique’s Facebook page

As images of the cake began to circulate through mainstream media outlets, it was revealed that the artist commissioned to create the cake was Samantha (Sam) Brooks, owner of SamiCakes Boutique. dapperQ was thrilled to learn of this news, because, not only is Sam wildly talented in edible arts, she is also an incredibly stylish dapper woman. Sam has been featured in a print fashion spread for DIVA magazine, has modeled in our New York Fashion Week runway shows, and was named one of the 100 Most Stylish dapperQs of 2014.

We had the honor of chatting with Sam to get the scoop on the JLo gig, as well as Sam’s one item of clothing she cannot live without.

8/15/13 Dapper QSam’s shoot for dapperQ and DIVA magazine. Image by Leslie Van Stelten via dapperQ.

Tell us a little bit about SamiCakes Boutique.

SamiCakes Boutique (SCB) originated two years ago. I created this company on my own in hopes to eventually build an eclectic realm of creations under the SCB name (i.e., special occasion/wedding cakes, tools, hats, uniforms, cookies cakes, sweets, etc.) For now my focus is on crazy occasion cakes.

My company consists of myself and an amazing baker, Joann Ramos. We literally complete everything from the baking to delivering. (Not to mention cleaning, designing, ordering, consulting!!!) It’s a lot for two people, but I’m pretty confident in the fact that we are the strongest team of two women in this field of edible artistry.

SamiSam in her workshop. Image via SamiCakes Boutique’s Facebook page.

SamiCakes has an impeccable record of delivering quality and delicious edible arts. But, more recently, you and your business were thrust into the mainstream media spotlight when you crafted musician Jennifer Lopez’s (aka J-Lo) birthday cake for her 45th birthday. How did you land such a coveted gig?

The JLo order came about from an old friend of mine, Ron Gelish. He is currently JLo’s private chef in the Hamptons. Ron had texted me over the weekend on a Saturday about the event coming up that Thursday for JLo. I told him over and over again to please send me details ASAP. Needless to say, we didn’t finalize the design till Tuesday morning, and the cake was due Thursday.
That gave me 2 days to create this masterpiece of edible art. Joann got to baking and I immediately started jigsawing the base frame, carving out the lions bottom half, paws and head out of foamcore and modeling chocolate. We then sculpted JLo’s body using foamcore, Rice Krispy Treats, royal icing, modeling chocolate, and gumpaste. I quickly rough-sketched the dimensions of JLo’s body to the lions. Keeping it as proportioned as possible, giving a little more dimension to JLo’s assets for emphasis and character.

After the cake was all said and done and delivered, my fiancé, Colette, said to me right before I fell asleep, “Wait until tomorrow morning.”  I said, “Yeah, sure, okay. I love you too.” [Laughs]. Never did I ever expect the cake to be literally everywhere. Publicized from the states and abroad. It was everywhere. I did My first interview with Inside Edition, then two days later with Access Hollywood. While interviewing, I was committed to staying true to who I am as not only a chef, but an individual with a very distinct look.

 In addition to being an incredibly talented artist, you are also very stylish. What is the one article of clothing you cannot live without?

I’m known for always wearing a hat, which I wore on my interview with Access Hollywood. That’s an article I cannot live without! I have always loved wearing them I have one for every mood I’m in, I’ve been this way since the day I was born.

Have you experienced any challenges when it comes to dressing dapper queer?  What are they?

Any dapper issues that I come across with would, I presume, be typical. Being called sir, and dressing room drama, things of that nature. It doesn’t affect me anymore. I have grown to accept that.

Who are your fashion icons?

To be honest I don’t have any fashion icons. I pretty much just shop and if something I like strikes me, I buy it.

SamPre-runway show shoot. Image by Vito Fun via dapperQ.

What can we expect next from you?

Moving forward, I plan to continue growing my business and taking it to the next level. I’m getting married and hoping to land a television show. As well as dabbling into more modeling!


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