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Fashion is all about NEW, NOW, NEXT. Some styles are classic and timeless. Others are tragic, regrettable flashes in the pan that are never resurrected again, with the exception of the occasional BuzzFeed “How [enter era here] are you?” And, still others are recycled and given an updated makeover (or under) to make them more relevant to current trends. The pairing of traditional and modern styles (for example the combination of classic dandy meets futuristic street goth) has definitely made its mark in all areas of the fashion world, including in hair style trends. dapperQs are known for our “queer cuts,” non-normative styles that often involve breaking out the clippers at some point to create a fashion-forward haircut that is often co-opted by cool hunters looking to commodify “queer chic.” We’re often imitated, but never duplicated! Here are some examples of updated short, medium and long “queer cuts” that really pop and give you a leg up on the ordinary. If you really want to turn some heads with the new dapper you, then cop a unique cut that compliments formal attire as well as your favorite t-shirt.


HawkLeft via Cool Men’s Hair; Right via Ar15



Pink HawkLeft via Style Bistro; Right via Contender

Imagine if The Mohawk and The Pompadour had a love child… BOOM you would have this next style. Tight tapered sides disconnected from the tousled pompadour top. Very trendy, very easy, and very versatile.

Pink Hawk MashupLeft via Style Bistro; Right via Celeb Salon

The Undercut Pompadour: This twist on the classic pompadour really opens up and accentuates the face. The long, sleek top paired with a short clipper guard or fade on the sides gives a modern touch to the rockabilly look. I myself rock this cut and must say that it is the easiest hairstyle I have ever had. There are a couple different versions; the first is completely disconnected letting the top drape over the back and the second is blended more in the back but still disconnected on the sides.

Pink PompLeft via Hair Styles Online; Right via Zimbio



BeebsLeft via The Hair Styler; Right via Sevvven



ShaneLeft via Rave Pad; Middle via Fan Pop; Right via T.V. Guide

To modify this cut, we need to piece the bang out a little more, add a lot of texture, and use some wax, paste or texturizing spray to style it. Let’s reference Katherine Moennig who has mastered the shaggy look that makes her look sexy grown and not to be mistaken for a 12-year-old boy.


Once again, the iconic undercut is making an appearance. Whether it is one side, just the back, or all the way around, the undercut is adding a little spark to the long haired genre and proving androgynous. Lately I’ve been seeing it paired more with a bun on top of the head.

Long Hair



Product 1

d:struct Medium hold molding cream by d:fi (Great for any style)


Product 2

High hold Low shine by American Crew (Great for short and medium hair)


Product 3

Powder Play by Big Sexy Hair (Great for all styles but my go-to for short hair)


Product 4

Surf Spray Texturizing spray by Bumble and Bumble (Great for any length but my go-to for the Katherine Moennig style)


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Residing in a barber shop on the University of Texas campus with six years of experience under her belt, Abbey Gapko is a passionate barber devoted to staying updated on the latest fashion trends and specifically tailoring each cut to the client’s personal style. Website: Instagram: #Gapko

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  • I’m rocking the side shave/long on the top cut at the moment and would love to style it in a faux hawk or pomp. Sadly, I was born with the thinnest hair known to human kind so a floppy comb-over is all I can do.

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