[VIDEO] Androgynous “Menswear” Model Erika Linder One of the “Boys” in New Tom Ford Ad

One of dapperQ’s favorite androgynous “menswear” models, Erika Linder, was recently cast as one of the “boys” in Tom Ford’s new “Lips and Boys” campaign ad. And, the results were…wait…someone please pick me up off the floor and get me some water, STAT!


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  • Notice that in the shots, they NEVER ONCE show the two women kissing on the lips, only near the jawline and nibbling. The heterosexual couples both make out. Just pointing it out to the peanut gallery that all is not always as subversive as it seems to be.

  • It's a step. Like Jodi Savitz said, I also noticed that she didn't get the screen time or treated the same that the "men" did. Unless attention is drawn to it, no one would probably know about her. Still, like I said, it's a step…

  • Makes me hungry for MORE. I agree with Jodi that it's not enough! but with others that it's wayyy more than I've ever seen!

  • And though it would be GREAT to see them frenching, the nibbling and Erika's facial expressions are also pretty hot.

  • hot commercial. I appreciate the full mouth kiss comment. The undressed, seductive shots with Erika seem more erotic to me.

  • Great vedio, but as the person before hand stated-still a lot of work to be done for equality but a great start.

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