Selfridges Agender Concept Space

Earlier this year, UK department store Selfridges announced that it was going gender-neutral, merging their “men’s” and “women’s” departments to create a unisex shopping experience free from stereotypes and limitations. Their Agender Concept Space is their most recent endeavor to advance their overall goal of creating the “future of gender-less shopping.” According to their website:

As part of Agender, Selfridges is creating a unique genderless shopping experience across fashion, accessories and beauty. The Concept Space, devised by renowned designer Faye Toogood, is an environment in which you are given the freedom to transcend notions of ‘his’ and ‘hers’, as you simply find your most desired item by colour, fit and style. Including exclusive designs by both world-renowned and upcoming designers, complemented by exciting beauty launches, these products mark a significant turning point in the way we think about fashion, beauty and style.

While the dapperQ team is in love with the ensembles in the collection, Qwear has pointed out the lack of overall diversity in Selfridge’s campaign and has since launched the social media campaign #whatagenderlookslike.

Selfridges 1

Selfridges Agender 2

Selfridges Agender 3

Selfridges Agender 4

Selfridges Agender 5


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  • Selfridges did a street casting to find an ambassador for the concept. They chose 5 people for the public to vote for their favourite “agender” model via facebook.

    I personally went to the casting, intrigued to see the kinds of people who turned up. Not many people were there but I was very shocked with the people they did choose for the public voting. There were many others there who I thought really fit the concept of “agender”. In the end the two people who won the public voting, I felt, didn’t fit the concept at all, and I believe were voted based on their popularity on social media.

    I am not saying this out of bitterness because I was not chosen, this is just a general observation. I thought I was the only one thinking they had the wrong idea about “agender” and their lack of diversity too, but it seems others have also realised this. I’m really glad that Qwear has launched the social media campaign.

    Selfridges should have done a little more research with a topic like this! It’s unfortunate, I really thought there was going to be a phenomenal change in the shopping experience!

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