Rebel + Ruse Handcrafted Jewelry Confirms It’s All in the Details

dapperQ has said time and time again that the Devil is in the details. The sartorially smart know that accessorizing takes outfits to a whole new level of effortlessly cool.

That is why we have become Insta-fans of Rebel + Ruse, a queer owned handcrafted jewelry for the gritty and fearless. Made in the Midwest by silversmith and owner Camille Moore, Rebel + Ruse jewelry can be styled masculine, feminine, and anything in between or outside of.

Camille, a multidisciplinary artist and silversmith based out of St. Louis, MO., started creating jewelry as a hobby/creative outlet while serving in the USAF. After leaving the military in 2015, she taught herself the ins and outs of silversmithing and subsequently started her brand: Rebel + Ruse. Rebel + Ruse was born from Camille’s desire to desire to explore, try new things, set own limits, see how far she can go. Outside of her jewelry work, she is also a graduate student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to ultimately serve LGBT/youth populations.

Camille sees her work with R+R as is an extension of who she is. Much of her work is heavily influenced by her Choctaw heritage, pagan beliefs, and queer identity. Her line features a wide range of style, from bold turquoise statement rings to minimalist silver necklaces. She views jewelry no different that she views fashion as a whole: It is a form of self expression, there are no rules, and there is (and should be) something for everyone.

Recently, Rebel + Ruse shot a dapper wedding editorial, teaming up with a good friend and designer Jenny Hill and Jenny’s tie line Lonesome Traveler. Lonesome Traveler neckwear is handmade using vintage inspired fabrics, specializing in tailored-to-order wedding packages. Jenny makes each item to specifically fit her clients body type and style. Lonesome Traveler’s mission is to help each of her clients feel and look their very best on their most special day. Their collaborative effort is to highlight and promote gender-fluid fashion in St. Louis.


Rebel + Ruse website is
Also available on ETSY
Cam Moore—personal instagram

 Lonesome Traveler’s website is

Photographer: Cassidy Parker Smith
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