DapperQ TV — Rebekah at Grand Central

Meet Rebekah B, a Ralph Lauren, houndstooth and bowtie wearing dapperQ who hails from North Carolina. Much of what she describes as “obsessive interest” in fashion comes from her father who is, himself, quite dapper. He may have driven her crazy reviewing all his wardrobe options but she was listening and admits that the this fruit hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. As for where she learned to tie a bow tie, knowledge gained from the Internet to help suit up her date for debutante ball.

I’ve invited Rebekah to provide an on-going video series of style rules and up next, her take on how absolutely essential it is that we get “fit” right.

Here are links to some affordable items similar to what Rebekah is wearing:

ralph-lauren-logo Shirt: Ralph Lauren Rugby

Vest: Ralph Lauren Boys

Tie: Ralph Lauren Rugby

( Rebekah says, “I basically feel about skull/crossbones, the same way I do about velour sweatsuits – if you already have it, then it is reasonable to wear it, but I don’t suggest going to buy something new to add to your collection. The Rugby logo is a skull and crossbones which makes it relatively ok, and Alexander McQueen had some fun S/C ties last season, but PLEASE go easy on it.”)

Pants: BDG


Blazer: J Crew (this blazer doesn’t exist anymore, but JCrew.com has an entire section for men’s extra-small which often has some good fitting pieces)

Acorn_captoes_sideOxfords: Steve Madden

PS Rebekah reached out to us via the dapperQ contact form and included her photo. She was turned on to dapperQ through the street fashion video we did with Grace Moon of VelvetPark.  I’ll say it again and again: we are a tribe which was cast to the winds before we ever met.  We share no common language.  But we need each other.  Show yourself.  Come out as a dapperQ wherever you are and spread the word.  It’s just getting good…

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