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Since Emma wrote in a few weeks ago for advice on dapperQ options for the prom, several folks have been kind enough to send ideas and photos based on their experience. For Meka Ross, whose very classic ivory tie, vest and black tails (pictured) were captured by dapperQ photographer TIffany Bailey at the Capital Queer Prom in DC:

My advice to the prom goers interested in formal wear is to choose a color scheme that compliments you. If you are attending prom with a date make sure you pick out the dress and tux together. Usually bridal shops have the best deals. Tuxedo rental is the best option, because you get the complete ensemble and you will wear it just for the night. To achieve that dapper look a professional tailor will make the necessary adjustments for your picture perfect night.

I rented my tux at Men’s Warehouse. They had a variety of name brands to choose from. I wore a Calvin Klein tuxedo and my package came complete with shoes, socks, suspenders, cuff links, and a pre tied bow tie. There are not many places that specialize in women tuxedo rentals, so my biggest concern was getting a masculine suit contoured to my body style. The tailors at Men’s Warehouse were very professional and knowledgeable. My suit was a perfect fit and I had the option of wearing a buttoned or open jacket. I was impressed with the look and so was my date.

America Saucedo (who didn’t leave the dressing room before she snapped this shot) wrote:

For those girls interested in buying I went searching for weeks looking for the right suit to wear. One day I adventured through the women’s business clothing section at JC Penny and found a nice fitting, fancy looking, women’s suit that wasn’t too expensive($70). I had found similar things at department stores like Dillards and Macy’s but they were all around $200(for only the blazer).

I was pretty happy with how I looked in it. I didn’t get a vest because I couldn’t find one but ties are everywhere! I hope this helped!

Since my first post, Emma wrote back to say: “Jacket is still up in the air, but I think I’m gonna pick up a waistcoat, and see if I can get myself a hat.”

Hope you will send us a photo of the final result and that this advice comes in handy for anyone else searching for formal options. The best part of high school, in my humble opinion, is that it will eventually be OVER! Hang in there…

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