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I was once acquainted with a sunglasses designer for major lines like Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, and other “luxury” labels that name-dropping elite New Yorkers like to throw around to prove their upper-crust status among the real housewives socialites. This acquaintance would get tons of sample sunglasses and give the ones that were “not his style” to me and my friends. I would wear these bug-eyed Swarovski crystal embedded specs from the beach to the airport, putting on airs that I had at least Rihanna’s money, if not her notoriety. However, as a true New Yorker, I could never really, truly bring myself to pay more than $5 for a pair of street-vendor sunglasses. That is until I met eco-friendly Proof Eyewear!

Proof Eyewear BlueMy partner rocking Proof Tribe Turquoise Polarized Lens

So, what’s so great about these sunglasses that would make me have a change of heart about dropping more than just some spare change on frames? Well, for starters, they are more than just sunglasses; they protect your precious eyes (UV 400 (100% UVA / UVB) AND they are super unique accessories. Although I’ve lived in NYC for over 14 years, as a native New Mexican, I absolutely fell in love with their Tribe Turquoise frames (pictured above). My partner and I have been sharing them and we get compliments every time one of us wears them. And, I’m not paying a fortune just to advertise Chanel’s logo on my face. These bad bois stand out from the masses. Another bonus: Proof’s sunglasses are gender-neutral. You won’t find a “men’s” and “women’s” glasses section on their website. Just a variety of killer eyewear for any-body.

Proof Eyewear BrownHand crafted Loom frames are plant based acetate and 100% renewable and biodegradable

Each pair of glasses comes packaged in a microfiber pouch to protect and keep your glasses clean, and arrives in custom wood case cool enough to display as home decor on your desk. (I keep my boxes right on my chest of drawers.)

Proof Eyewear Case

In addition to creating eyewear that is eco-friendly (frames are biodegradable, renewable, made from plants and sustainable wood, etc.), Proof is committed to developing socially conscious products with profits going to charitable causes. Check out their India Project, which is helping to build an eye clinic in an under-served area of India:

“We at Proof took $25000 and partnered with the Aravind eye care clinic in India to build a rural eye clinic in an under-served area of India. To commemorate the construction and opening of the clinic we have crafted a limited release of 60 custom pairs of our wood glasses and 60 wood wallets in which 100% of the profits will go towards the India Project. We laser engraved the following message into each item.”More than 1/4 of the world’s blind live in India, help eliminate needless blindness. Do Good.” For a chance to win a set of these custom Proof products share the link. Do Good.”

Proof India ProjectIndia Project collection

Proof’s Stats

Proof SunglassesAdditional styles

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  • I’m black and can afford to spend $90 on an eco-friendly accessory that I really like.

  • These are a variation of chicago’s drift sunglasses. Repurposed and harvested beach wood, different varieties and finishes. Made in the USA #usaheritagebrands #bestindamidwest

  • i bought a pair of these off about a year ago. so good. I love proof’s style and what they are all about. It isn’t about just the glasses its what they do for the world and people in need. We need more companies like this. They are so freaking good, I love ’em and they have a customer for life in me.

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