Ask dapperQ: Besides a White Polo, What Can I Wear with Madras Shorts?

Feature image via The Adventures of Tartanscot
@pixiedyke Tweeted:

“New madras shorts from Target. Want good styling ideas. I can locate a white polo by myself. Googling ‘styling …’ not helpful. Any ideas?”

Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns, adding bright colors, layering, and, if you’re into it, full on power clashing! Here are some shirt ideas, featuring Target madras shorts, beyond the white Polo.

Madras Mix

You can also search style blogs and Pinterest fashion boards for more style inspiration, which is how I found these images that you can take with you shopping:
Madras 2via GQ
Madras 3via Street Etiquette
Madras 4via Gilt
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  • Thanks for this post! I tried searching “madras” on pinterest, but didn’t find anything as useful as this.

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