Qwear & dapperQ Sit Down with Posture to Answer the Question “What is Queer Fashion?”

Fresh off the heels of FIT’s “A Queer History of Fashion Symposium,” Qwear and dapperQ sit down with Posture magazine to answer the question, “What is queer fashion?” Clearly, many people think that there is such a thing as queer fashion and that it is distinguishable from other styles of fashion. (Or, these symposiums and blogs would not exist, right?) But, what is that difference? Is it tangible? Is it evolving? And, what direction is it going? Our Managing Editor, Anita Dolce Vita, and Qwear’s founder, Sonny Oram, both have very different styles, both attended the symposium, and both have different and fresh perspectives on the definition of queer style. Watch the discussion now and let us know how you define queer style:

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