Seven Days of Dapper: Ari Geffrard of A Dapper Chick

The Internet has been a very powerful force in connecting queer style bloggers and advancing our missions of increasing visibility and breaking free from gender binary norms. One of our team’s favorite style bloggers is Ari Geffrard of A Dapper Chick. We have been following Ari’s style on Tumblr and Instagram for some time now, but finally met Ari in person at our New York Fashion Week event a few weeks ago. So, we asked Ari to share with dapperQ a week’s worth of style for Seven Days of Dapper so that our readers can get a glimpse of what other queer style bloggers are bringing to the fashion table.


1. BIENVENUE AUTOMNE (Business Meeting)

A) Bienvenue Automne1

A) Bienvenue Automne2

A) Bienvenue Automne4

A) Bienvenue Automne3

ROCKING: H&M (sweater, denim, tie) | EDWARDS (shirt) | ZARA (shoes) | DAPPERTIME (watch)
The look is very business casual and simple. I’m wearing a pair of blue denim jeans with a solid white shirt. The sweater, which although hinted with blue, adds a bit of a gray-ish look. I chose the blue brogue boots and, of course, my favorite watch to link all the pieces together.


2. WOLF WOLF (Out and About)

B) Wolf Wolf2

B) Wolf Wolf5

B) Wolf Wolf4

B) Wolf Wolf3

ROCKING: H&M (shirt, denim) | 21MEN (sweater) | JACOBIES (shoes) | DAPPERTIME (watch) | THRIFTED (bag)
I’m wearing a white checkered shirt with dark blue, rolled up, denim jeans because I like the contrast. Burgundy, beige and brown is always a killer combination. The little details do matter the most, I will always say that. If you’re skeptical, ask my small pet wolves. If you didn’t know, now you will, I always roll up in my Magnus watch.


3. FALL FEVER (Event Statement)

C) Jungle Fever1

C) Jungle Fever2

C) Jungle Fever3

C) Jungle Fever4

C) Jungle Fever5

ROCKING: H&M (blazer, sweater, denim, pocket square) | ZARA (shoes) | 21 MEN (socks) | DAPPERTIME (watch) | HARRISON BLAKE (lapel flower) | ALDO (belt)
This outfit is about being comfortable in your own skin. It was a little chilly outside, so I went with my shawl collared sweater and my wool blazer. I love a nice cuff on my denim jeans, it provides a nice contrast and fits better. Details are everything…check out the flowers of the lining on my blazer, the dots on the socks, and the chambray pocket square. Lastly, my favorite watch for a nice touch!

4. NYFW (Date Night)





ROCKING: H&M (shirt, pants, socks) | ZARA (shoes) | ALDO (belt) | BULOVA (watch) | THRIFTED (scarf)
I’m wearing light gray pants with a dark grey shirt for a nice contrast. On to the juicy part, burgundy bow tie, cap toe oxfords with a dark brown belt. C’est quoi l’affaire? A nice marriage of colors with a scarf and golden appurtenances.


5. BLACK ASHES (Casual Friday)

E) Black Ashes1

E) Black Ashes3

E) Black Ashes2

ROCKING: H&M (blazer, denim, t-shirt, sneakers) | DAPPERTIME (watch)
I love this look because it is so versatile. I’m ready for a leisurely lunch, a night out, or even a quick client meeting. I’m feeling very much at ease wearing bright blue jeans with a striped tee and white kicks. To make things a little dark and stormy, I threw on a black blazer and a matching belt. Yes, I accessorized with a brown watch – it’s because sometimes I just feel like breaking the rules.


6. AVEC CLASSE (Meet the Parents)

F) Avec Classe1

F) Avec Classe5

F) Avec Classe3

F) Avec Classe2

F) Avec Classe4

ROCKING: H&M (jacket, pants, suspenders, socks) | IMANI UOMO (bow tie) | EDWARDS (shirt) | ASOS (watch) | JACOBIES (shoes)
I’m wearing heather gray pants with a plain white shirt. The sleeves are rolled up to portray a more relaxed and scruffy look. For a classic touch, I added the suspenders and the bow tie. Minimalism is key; I like to keep things simple with just a watch.


7. WEDDING BELLS (Sunday’s Best)

G) Wedding Bells5

G) Wedding Bells3

G) Wedding Bells1

G) Wedding Bells6

G) Wedding Bells7
ROCKING: H&M (Err-thing: blazer, shirt, pants, bow tie, pocket square) | ZARA (shoes) | ALDO (belt) | ASOS (watch)
I’m wearing white linen pants with striped turquoise shirt. I chose my braided brown belt to accentuate the separation between the colors. I slid those loafers on along with my matching accessories. Same colored bow tie and pocket square? I told you, I like breaking the rules just because I can. To seal the deal, I grabbed my straw hat and my teal blazer.


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