He Said/We Said: Moschino

dapperQ is proud to present the fourth installment of He Said/We Said, based on the Fall 2011 line from Moschino.  HS/WS is the brainchild of its series editor: Anita Dolce Vita. Photos for dapperQ by Yi Ching Lin.

GQ characterizes Moschino’s fall 2011 menswear collection as “everything and its opposite.” I was immediately captivated by “everything and its opposite” used as a theme within the context of fashion. Upon reflection, I felt that queer style in general embodies this theme, and thus decided to select my inspiration photo from their line.

During the process of choosing the inspiration outfit, I could identify only vague themes of opposing dualities in the collection. I started to feel as if GQ’s description was more a clever play on words than a spot-on review. However, I was still intrigued by the theme and curious to see how our models would interpret an ensemble from Moschino’s fall designs.

Sure enough, the concept of “everything and its opposite” was more pronounced in our models’ interpretations than it was on Moschino’s very own runway! This was clearly exemplified when Ariel Speedwagon arrived at the photo shoot wearing pink glitter AND a bow-tie. Let me make you privy to another fun fact: I didn’t even mention a word to the models about GQ’s description of the collection, meaning that their interpretations provided more credibility to the assertion that queer fashion reflects “everything and its opposite.”

“Because phenomena are constantly overlapping and change is always being manifested spontaneously, Taoists regard any phenomenon as containing the seeds to its counterpart” (don’t get too excited, folks…I got this from the Complete Idiots Guide to Taoism). Everything and its opposite. The freshly cut lilacs at the flower shop representing life, while also beginning to wilt. Pleasure and pain. Masculine and feminine existing in one space. All expressed here in dapperQ fashion.

Outward Expression Integration

Name/Alias: Goldie Peacock
Age: 25
Occupation: Professional genderblender, art model, go-go dancer, producer, emcee. Miss Choice Cunts 2010. Voted the Portland Phoenix’s “Best Dance Performer” 2009.
Outfit: Tuxedo jacket by After Six (hand-me-down; Portland, Maine). Pinstripe shirt by H&M (from Material Objects; Portland, Maine). Cummerbund/ scarf by Albert Nipon (from Southbury Community Thrift Shop, Connecticut). Pants by Jj Turk (hand-me-down; Brooklyn, NY). Boots (hand-me-down; Portland, Maine). Tattoo sleeve by Watson Atkinson (Portland, Maine).
Song That Best Describes Their Look: “I Can Have Whatever I Want” by Lady Zen.

Preppy In Pink

Name/Alias: Ariel Speedwagon
Age: 28
Occupation: Performer/master of ceremonies.
Outfit: Jacket from Re/Dress, NYC. Vintage sweater from Springfield, Missouri. Button down shirt from a thrift store on Long Island, NY. Bow tie from Century 21. Pants from Old Navy. Shoes by Dr. Martens. Hair by Amy Agony. Glasses by 3D designs.
Song That Best Describes Her Look: “The Best Is Yet To Come” by Tony Bennet.

Cocktail Butch

Name/Alias: Sinclair Sexsmith
Age: 32
Occupation: Writer, runs the award-winning personal online writing project Sugarbutch Chronicles: The Gender, and Relationship Adventures of a Kinky Queer Butch Top. Published in various anthologies and websites, including the Best Lesbian Erotica series and Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme. Writes, teaches, and performs stories about sex and gender.
Outfit: Leather jacket by Guess. Corduroy jacket from H&M. Shirt by Barneys from thrift store. Vest from thrift store. Bow tie from thetiebar.com. Pants by Kenneth Cole. Belt buckle from etsy. Geoffrey Rush shoes. Ring from street vendor. Paper Mate 0.5 rollerball. Hair by tomcatsbarbershop.com.
Song That Best Describes Her Look: “I’m Your Man” by Michael Buble.

Whip It Good

Name/Alias: Suri (AKA Best Bites)
Age: 34
Occupation: Virgo-of-all-trades.
Outfit: Leather jacket by The Original Leather Line. Rubber flogger from Nomia Boutique (Portland, Maine). Red leather whip from Fetish Flea (Boston, 2009). Vest by After Six/ from Urban Jungle (Bushwick). Pants by Have. Shoes by Born.
Song That Best Describes Their Look: “Born This Way” by Carl Bean.

Postmodern Drag Queen

Name: Shomi Noise
Occupation: DJ, Musician, Zine Writer.
Outfit: Blazer by Calvin Klein. Shoes: Creepers by T.U.K. Shirt from Uniqlo. Bow-tie from Nordstrom Rack. Sunglasses by Ray-Ban.
Song That Best Describes Their Look: “Identity” by X-Ray Spex.

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