JagandCo’s Spring Line

Every year, as the weather warms up, dapperQ gets tons of e-mails asking how to look dapper in the heat. Well, JagandCo’s spring collection of Red Paperboy trousers, shorts, vests, bow ties and suspenders are your answers for dressing dandy while beating the heat. Summer wedding? No problem. Spring graduation. Easy breezy. Here’s a sneak peak at JagandCo’s Charlotte, NC photo shoot for their spring line, featuring models from the Androgynous Model Reality Show and JagandCo.

4BHS photos w/Androgynous Girls and JagandCo

5BHS photos w/Androgynous Girls and JagandCo

11BHS photos w/Androgynous Girls and JagandCo

1Nikki Eason, Executive Producer of Androgynous Girls Reality Show, and Jag of JagandCo

JagandCo stats: Follow JagandCo on Instagram and Twitter, at @JagandCo. You can also visit their website, www.JaguarandCompany.com. For all JagandCo media request, contact their publicist, Mocca, at [email protected]

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